Scatter bot v 1.0 (BETA 2)

Published  Dec 25, 2007
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just download it and read the readme.txt.txt file and follow its instructions. my bot is a standard channel bot, it has a owner function and has kick ban ban and op commands and so on, plus uno and slots.


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Dec 25, 2007


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aj91193   -  Jan 11, 2011

im confused as to how oneactually plays a card in the uno game. any help would be nice.

JmactheAttack   -  Jan 25, 2009

The organization of the code leaves much to be desired. For the sake of others I would recommend rearranging the files and the nomenclature used for naming them. Instead of making 8 different "MAIN" files, try rearranging the code and grouping more of the commands under one .ini file, or group them by group levels.

EL   -  Apr 25, 2008

Yeah have to agree with Lindrian here.There is alot to be worked on with this you vunerable all over the place no flood protections no Bot protection(protections just for the bot),Looks liek it ll be abused if anything with !trigger commands and what not,You coding odes need to be worked on as well you should be chekcing for things that your currently bot checkin like if ($2 ison $chan) if ($me isop $chan) (or use on @:text::#: {) and you have unsilened timers an notices all through out,bots shouldnt be spamed by the things they do it protects them,.I wont go through much more i only looked through the codes real fast.As lindrian said it can be a good bot some day i suggest coding stand alone code snippets an postin them here at or any other forum such as this to get feed back on you codes before you use them.It will help i assure you.Other wise wd.`-.-

freaky   -  Apr 25, 2008

i am currently working on the ultimate version

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