Staff Bot v001

Published  Aug 11, 2007
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Security Style Staff Bot for your channel, provides usefull commands such as !voice !op, etc. Also provides commands to change modes such as !m or !i.
Please comment and be brutally honest with them, I amgoing to be making changes to the bot based on those. Tell me what else you would like to see in the bot. Instructions included, do not use while sleeping.


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Aug 11, 2007


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Tamaki   -  May 19, 2010

well, you should download version 4 instead now because it's the latest

gaara0123456789   -  May 15, 2010

No, it's the newest version. i even tryed it on mIRC 7.02 and i still get that error as well as no ERROR message.

Tamaki   -  Jun 05, 2009

lol, i thinik this thing breaks on version 6.3, but don't quote me on that <_<

mr_president   -  Jun 04, 2009

gaara0123456789: your probably using to early of a version of mirc.
You should download the latest version.

Tamaki   -  Jan 07, 2009 doesn't even give you an error code? i'll take a look into it.


My recommendation is download TAD's Home Intergration Script found here:

once loaded into your remotes...type this:

/start sbot

or replace line 38 of the script (which looks like this:
alias /sbot { dialog -md sbot sbot }

with this:

alias sbot {
dialog -md sbot sbot

gaara0123456789   -  Jan 05, 2009

every time i try to use /sbot this keeps popping up

DIALOG Unknown command

what the fuck is wrong with it

Tamaki   -  Jun 04, 2008

yes it is ^_^
it acts as like a services bot, only with a little extra and a little less;
Staff Bot v2 is in the works.

Kinight   -  Feb 06, 2008

what does it do? p.s. is this the same TAD from AG?

raTed   -  Aug 17, 2007

i didnt get this bot atall lol

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