The HashMaster v1.0

Published  Jul 30, 2007
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This is a really super easy to use hash table manager. It is all dialog based, so there are no commands to remember. Simple paste it into a new remote script file, then right click in any window in mIRC and click The HashMaster to open it. You can also type /hashmaster to open it.


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Jul 30, 2007


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Lindrian   -  Aug 02, 2007

You\'re more then welcome! :)
Try using less space between your options, aswell try keeping it original and easy to use. Also remeber to allign your buttons and stuff, so it will look even better!

SumWon   -  Aug 02, 2007

Thank-you for the review. I realize you may not have given me a very good one, but I will work on the flaws you have pointed out.

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