TimeBomb Channel Game v1.0

Published  Jul 27, 2007
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This is a simple game where once you start it, you have to defuse a bomb by cutting the appropriate colored wire. Get it right and you are congratulated... get it wrong, or you’re too slow, and you get blown up.


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Jul 27, 2007


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I loaded the script just like the readme.txt said, it even worked in an external folder! :)
It was easy to use, just enable it by right clicking and get a player to type !bomb. I played it myself actually for about 10 minutes, was well fun! You start the game, then you have x amount of seconds to defuse the bomb. You type !cut <wire color>, and hope for the best. Script seemed to be working find without any bugs I could find. Besides, it was very funny! :)
All in all, a great script, working just fine and very fun. Definiatley something I would have added to my bot ;).
0 comment(s)    Posted Jul 27, 2007 by Lindrian


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Toddzilla   -  Apr 02, 2011

Can you make it so that the "Kick option" doesn't DISABLE after each game....

Tannn3r   -  Aug 09, 2010

Very nice game!

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