Easy Ban Protection v2.0

By Kb
Published  Jul 26, 2007
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Easy Ban Protection will protect you as an OPerator (@) of a channel from getting banned from other OPerator's (@).


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Jul 26, 2007


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This is a very simple and easy to use ban protection. It includes several "revenge's". Kick, ban, and Kickban.
The script messages the nick the kick reason, which can result in an error if you did not specify a reason.
* /msg: insufficient parameters (line 48, ebp.mrc)

Other then that, I didn't find any problems with the script. It's easy and efficient.

Good work!
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Jethro   -  Mar 21, 2011

Yes apparently, Scott. But Merbo resurrected it, probably when he conducted a snippet search and couldn't help but make a comment. Then before we knew it, one thing led to another...

Hawkee   -  Mar 21, 2011

Did you guys notice this script was posted back in 2007?

Jethro   -  Mar 18, 2011

Merbo wrote:> $$?="Reason:" means it is allowed to be $null. An extra $ allows any identifier to be null.Did you make that up by yourself? You have 'em confused the other way around.

Without the extra $, it'd be $null if no value is supplied upon trigger as jaytea has demonstrated. You should use the $$?

If you want to use the single dollar sign, you ABSOLUTELY must make sure the value is specified upon the trigger of popup command prompt. Otherwise once you click ok, it'll return $null.

Merbo   -  Mar 18, 2011

jaytea, I just noticed I had it that way. I need to get my facts straight XD

SoulMuncher   -  Mar 12, 2011

this is good

jaytea   -  Mar 12, 2011

Merbo, you have it roughly backwards. the extra '$' will, if no value is returned, make mIRC abruptly end execution of the current routine without returning to the caller (it is precisely an implicit /halt without the side effect of /haltdef):

//echo -a * $?="Reason:" | echo -a next line


//echo -a * $$?="Reason:" | echo -a next line

the second will not proceed with the next echo if 'Cancel' is clicked.

Merbo   -  Mar 12, 2011

You know, you can make it NOT specify a reason. Kicks don't need reasons. In scripting, when you have something like $?="Reason:" It will force a reason. However, $$?="Reason:" means it is allowed to be $null. An extra $ allows any identifier to be null.

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