Published  Jul 26, 2007


hi.......this is the fully updated script with CHANNEL and PERSONAL Protection,,,,,,try u will be satisfied and surely telling u will go crazy about it...thanx


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Jul 26, 2007


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I loaded the script, it was very colorful (made it hard to read) and a lot of fuzzy options. A lot of advertisements, and odd music. When I came through the music and intro, i was testing out the simple functions of the script. I did not find any direct bugs.

All in all, this script is an average script, and nothing to recommend for a newbie. The script is a little too advanced for a newbie.

If you like colors, and lots of them, this is the right script for you ;).
0 comment(s)    Posted Jul 26, 2007 by Lindrian

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Qc   -  Jul 28, 2007

Over 50% of the ZIP file are mIRC-generated personal channel and query logs, the author seems to have zipped the mirc installation with the exception of mirc.exe.

What are these doing in a public script release?

HeLL_MasTeR   -  Jul 27, 2007

well.. this script reminds me to my first script...with colour black&red. Well What I Like About Your Script Is That Intro Sounds Hehehe nice...(well done).

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