Random Fact Generator V3

Published  Jul 26, 2007
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Read The ReadMe.txt Give All Credit To Me.


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Jul 26, 2007


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The loading of the script went fine. I tried out the menu and I set the channel. So far so good. When I tried
Setting the time (seconds) I got an error, * Invalid format: $calc(...)
The other timer functions seemed to be working fine.
You can speed the timer up, by typing !randspeedfaster, and slow it down by typing !randspeedslower.
Both of those functions seems to be working fine :).
The script does what its supposed to do, although it does not have error checking (for missing files).

All in all, this could be a fun little script for you and your friends to use at a Friday night :).
It might get a little spammy, and its annoying with all advertisements in it, but other then that its very fun to use! You should also consider making your readme.txt more advanced.
0 comment(s)    Posted Jul 26, 2007 by Lindrian


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Staccia   -  Aug 01, 2007

ty lindrian.

[M]ike   -  Jul 26, 2007

I\'m not exactly sure this script needed to be an addon, it could quite easily have been a snippet and just connect to a website for the facts.

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