XCept Away v1.0

Published  Apr 24, 2007
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Basic Away script, XCept version v1.1.

Saves Away Reasons, as well as Nicknames use for being Away. 4 themes are available, Default - Green, Purple, Red, and Blue.

Thanks for downloading.


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Apr 24, 2007


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I tested this script for about a week with no problems really worth mentioning. These problems were due to flukes with variable names in the script matching names that I was already using for other scripts. I realize that this is a possibility with any script, and it's impossible to have a script that uses variables and not have that possibility.
The themes worked really well, and looked even better using 32 bit colours, opposed to 16 or 24 bit (I tried each just to see what they looked like).
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Lindrian   -  Apr 25, 2007

It might be.

Just thourhgt it point out:

  echo $iif($active = Status Window,-s,-a) $lefttheme 14XCept Away %xcAWAY.version $septheme 15State: Loaded $righttheme

The $iif is rather usless, u can just use echo -a.. The $active == Status window wont change anything, as it will still echo in ur active window, which is status. So echo -a will do :P

Pwntage`Ninja   -  Apr 25, 2007

I submitted this a while back, so I\'m not too sure what\'s still in it, and I\'m not sure if this is still the on START event for the addon. But here\'s what I have:

on *:START: {
  If (!%XCeptAwayTheme) { set %XCeptAwayTheme 1 }
  If (!%xcAWAY.version) { set %xcAWAY.version v1.0 }
  If (!$isdir(\" $+ $scriptdir $+ XC\\\")) {
    mkdir \" $+ $scriptdir $+ XC\\\"
    write \" $+ $scriptdir $+ XC\\XCeptAwayN.txt\"
    write \" $+ $scriptdir $+ XC\\XCeptAwayR.txt\"
  set %mdx.dir $scriptdir $+ XC\\
  echo $iif($active = Status Window,-s,-a) $lefttheme 14XCept Away %xcAWAY.version $septheme 15State: Loaded $righttheme
  If ($hget(XCeptAwayN,0).item = 0) || (!$hget(XCeptAwayN,0).item) { hmake XCeptAwayN | hload XCeptAwayN XC\\XCeptAwayN.txt }
  If ($hget(XCeptAwayR,0).item = 0) || (!$hget(XCeptAwayR,0).item) { hmake XCeptAwayR | hload XCeptAwayR XC\\XCeptAwayR.txt }

Notice the last two lines? It\'s trying to load the hash table from a directory that may not exist, depending on whether you unzipped it to your mIRC directory or not.

That may be a problem, lindrian.

Lindrian   -  Apr 25, 2007

Oh sorry, forgot to mention, that the reason list seems to not load when u reopen the dialog?

Might just be something ive messed up....

Lindrian   -  Apr 25, 2007

After testing it further, if you do not add the path to MDX as the script want, it will give u errors, such as:

  • /dll: unable to open \'C:\Regularmirc\xceptaway\XC\\mdx.dll\' (line 176, XCeptAwayv1.ini)

I edited the line, which was misstaken, same error with hastable for the reasons.

then I was trying your edit function, which was not working properly. I tried editing a reason, the small edit box showed the new one, the big one kept the old one. Which confused me a little when I tried going away.

(sometimes when i tried adding a reason, nothing happend.. Didnt get added at all ;x, might be just me...)

Pressing Return without being away, sometimes returned a nick error. (Happend twice only).

And the Main away button, to use custom settings was not working at all for me. Not at all. I pressed it, with no result.

Might be due to the MDX issue, no idea. Never worked with MDX nor DCX before.

Qc   -  Apr 25, 2007

Ok, repeat for you: one typo error on line 9, like he pressed enter so an ending piece of the line came on the next line.

That -single- typo causes the problem and since it happens in the on start event, the initialisation, of course this has consequences on more places.

Fixing that typo, and it works, it\'s unfair to consider a whole script as bad due to a typo.

Regarding \'spaces is your files\', as far as I see, he uses quotes around filenames in /commands, and when he does not, the path is just the relative part towards mirc dir so not needed.

Besides that simple typo, which seems to be due to an accidental enter, which happens me too sometimes when mirc is abit laggy and I press again, this script does what it claims to do and the interface uses mdx to make it attractive, which is rather in contradiction to your claim that he would have made this only for himself.

So good job, 14/20 is a score I support.

Lindrian   -  Apr 25, 2007

He obviosuly did not make this script to be used for other users but himself. There are several errors with his hashtables, as they are not loaded properly which he should have fixed first before uploading it. And I tried adding the same text several times, and that worked.

And u should fix the space i your files, space in your files will not allow mirc to work properly with them.

Qc   -  Apr 24, 2007

3 of the 4 errors you moan about, are caused by the first.
n9= hload XCeptAwayN XC\XCeptAwa
n10= .txt
This is obviously a typo error and easy to fix.

Regarding multiple entries in the list, I assume you mean here: double entries since it\'s quite normal to have multiple entries in a list?
The list is a hash, how can it then have double entries? /hadd will just overwrite the item if it exists.

For the rest, the UI looks nifty to me, and after fixing that typo, it seems to work as it should. Not that I need an away script, I\'m not that important and I consider them more as spam. :P

Lindrian   -  Apr 24, 2007


I didnt test the scripts functionality, which is how it did when u went away, when someone msg\'ed u while away etc, etc. I just tested the few basics, and got up with all thoose errors.

I didnt have time this morning to do other.

Lindrian   -  Apr 24, 2007

First off, done use space in ur files... U cant load em like that.

Once again, after following the readme exactly as it said:

  • /hload: unable to open \'C:\Regularmirc\XC\XCeptAwa\' (line 10, XCeptAwayv1.ini)

when choosing themes (which didnt work for me), it keps echoing \"Theme 1 activated\" etc, each time u press it. Yet again, u need to work on your dialog functions.

You can press clear the list several times, even without having anyone on the list.
Pressing clear reason list, gives me:

  • /hfree: no such table \'XCeptAwayR\' (line 128, XCeptAwayv1.ini)

Pressing return:

  • /nick: insufficient parameters (line 219, XCeptAwayv1.ini)

and if I press edit, default away or delete reason, nothing happends. Which is prolly correct, but yet again, dialog work...

Pressing add a reason, clicking cancel, keeps popping up.
after a while it closes, and:

  • /hsave: no such table \'XCeptAwayR\' (line 102, XCeptAwayv1.ini)

Maybe a check so you cant have multiple entires in the list?
And, maybe u should try to disable so u cant add names such as [$/)\" as they contain illegal characters etc..

Sorry, I did not find this a good away system at all, and the dialog looks horrible ;/.

You got alot of work to do until this becomes a good script, sorry.


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