Away system v1.6

Published  May 05, 2007


My away system, made by myself. Started out as a simply away system, used as a snippet, ended up as a huge script with all functions you'll ever need. And more is coming!

From the simply away, to advanced in deep functions.

Works with multi-network, auto-away on idle, notifications, logs, and much more!
Take your time and read both readme.txt and history.txt!


And if any bugs are found, make sure you report them to me instantly! Either by using the bug sending function in the script, messaging me here or leaving a comment.


Updated this to a 1.6 BETA version, im still trying to eliminate bugs, and im uploading this version to hawkee in hope of support!




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May 05, 2007


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 4.0 stars
Nicely written and works well. I'm glad to see the improvements in the code and (might be my imagination, but) it seems to work faster now. If so, it's definetely a nice improvement.
0 comment(s)    Posted May 05, 2007 by RusselB


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irchainscriptz   -  Nov 25, 2008
well the best way is to look for his omega script :P
ryu.dragonryder   -  Nov 25, 2008
wonders if you ever recoded and made a newer version of this?
Lindrian   -  Oct 22, 2007
Thanks for all your comments. But I\'ve stopped working on this, if I would keep working on it, id have to recode it all, since I think the coding i used here is pretty shoot :P.
DarkDaemon   -  Oct 22, 2007
Good job :D
mountaindew   -  Oct 05, 2007
great job

but im curious, why do u do \"notheme\"?

also, can u set like a default msg? or do u have to click a msg and click away/double click a msg?
Greg 13 FL   -  Oct 05, 2007
Ummm....This Away System Is Oe Of The Best I\'ve Seen Here (If Not The Best)...I Was Just Wonderin...Could You Do Like A Thing That If You Just Say A Portion Of My Name Could U Make It display my my name in irc is greg 13 fl...could u make it so all you have to say is greg...instead of Greg_13_FL?...
Lindrian   -  Aug 08, 2007
vegeto079: I am updating the script completely, new look of the script, and much much enhances. basically same stuff in it though. I\'ll upload it when im done with it and my full irc script, omega.
vegeto079   -  Jun 23, 2007
how am i supposed to get rid of spaces if there\'s program files :\\..
Lindrian   -  May 06, 2007

I got a lot of stuff to update, as I realized there was a major bug.

Keep up the good feedback ^.^

PS. Green, next release will contian the buttons you requested.
greenlanter420   -  May 05, 2007
most likely the best away system i\'ve used i\'ve trashed my own and just went straight to this.keep up the good work
Lindrian   -  Apr 19, 2007
If there is anyone who is really using this script daily, id like to get a review from that person. Just to tell me how he feels, what needs to be improved etc.

So I know what to do before I release the new version.
Lindrian   -  Apr 19, 2007
However, I got once again a new version upcoming, with some new features :p.
Lindrian   -  Apr 12, 2007
uploaded a new version, where I noticed ive forgot a few IF\'s for my rawmode part, also, messed up a few \"if ($window)\" etc, remade em and theyre fine now. Just wait until a mod accepts :)
Lindrian   -  Apr 11, 2007
/me gives up on waiting for any comments or reviews >_>
Lindrian   -  Apr 09, 2007
I updated my old one, didnt work properly though ^.^
peterpowell   -  Apr 09, 2007
to upload a new one i think you go to

RoninWarrior   -  Mar 28, 2007
wow i have to say it is one of the nicest away systems i have seen in awhile Lindiran great job on the dialog work.I will check it out more indepth when I get more time.
Lindrian   -  Mar 25, 2007
Thanks for your review russel!
It\'s my first very big project, and im happy to have come this far.
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