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Published  Mar 12, 2007


This is my version of Q bot. This doesn't have anything to do with the other Q bot in the bot section. There will be more commands in the next versions. Hope you like my bot, please tell me of any bugs in comments, Thanks!


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Mar 12, 2007


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Nicely written and fairly well documented. Personally I would've preferred to see usage of mIRC's user list (using /auser, /guser, etc.) rather than the ini file. Be careful that you don't try to use this script on a network that uses Q as a chanserv service.
0 comment(s)    Posted Mar 12, 2007 by RusselB


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ChUcKst3r   -  Dec 30, 2012
Would be nice, if there was also added if someone pm's Q with a unknown command, he would reply Unknown Command use SHOWCOMMANDS or something similar

i did try the script
trying to ad "else { msg $nick ........ }" at the end but that doesn't work
so if someone could help me out would be nice !!
WhiteBox   -  Apr 22, 2009
* /elseif: invalid format (line 544, script.ini)

This error came out. Can anyone help?
LaBo   -  Mar 15, 2007
oh n i browsed the script u forgot 32 remove 1 thing:
if ($1 == members-only) {
.notice $nick You are a member and can see this: Zach <3 LaBo!
Best if u remove it :P or change it
Zachery   -  Mar 15, 2007
LaBo   -  Mar 15, 2007
You never told me i was goin 2 be a BeTa Tester , i feel so used :P
Well Done Zach nice work.
Zachery   -  Mar 15, 2007
32 downloads and not one more comment ;(
F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Mar 13, 2007
post on X-Static :P *me makes Bot Section*
Zachery   -  Mar 12, 2007
Thanks RusselB, i forgot to include credits. (Sorry!)

Thanks to RusselB for the ban/kick code.
Thanks to LaBo for beta testing.
Also there will be more protections and commands in furure versions.

Any problems feel free to ask here
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