Channel LockDown(Beta) V, 1.1

Published  Aug 11, 2007
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This Script is very useful, to load this script, u need all the files in the mIRC
Remote Section. To Load this script, go to the mIRC, and open it ( if not yet open ) and open the Script Dialog Box,
and click Remote, then click File, and Load, ( make sure u Extracted the files in the mIRC where u will be useing it. )
and then put the Following files in: channel lock down.mrc, channel lock help.mrc, delockdown script.mrc,
lock down script 3.mrc, lock down warnings.mrc, And that's it.

I'm pretty sure it can run on 6.21 and a little below, my bot runs on 6.17 still, and i got 6.21


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Aug 11, 2007


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This is a very, very simple and almost harmful channel lockdown script. The script does what it says, locks the channel down. But it doesnt check if you're an OP and anybody can lock the channel down, which can and will be abused. There alot of modes set, which may not be supported on the server, which will once again cause problems. You can solve that by checking $chanmodes.
Keep the good work up and try to enhance your script! :)
0 comment(s)    Posted Aug 11, 2007 by Lindrian


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