mIRC SQLite v1.0.15

Published  Jul 31, 2007
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mIRC SQLite is an implementation of the SQLite library for mIRC. It requires mIRC version 6.2 or higher. It offers a flexible and easy-to-use API (Application Programming Interface) which is strongly inspired by the PHP's SQLite API.

With mSQLite you can easily and quickly embed SQL to your mIRC scripts. It doesn't require a seperate process for SQL server nor complex configuration. The library IS the server. You just need to load the script and start coding. :)


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Jul 31, 2007


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Once I started reviewing this addon I was quite impressed. This addon uses a dll to gives mIRC scripters access to the SQLite API. It is extremely well documented. The included .chm help file has everything you need to know to use this addon. From loading to detailed explanations of every function of the script. There are plenty of working examples, it even includes a FAQ. It's very nice to see such a well made, well documented addon. Great job, ramirez.
0 comment(s)    Posted Jul 31, 2007 by Pariah


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BrainBryce   -  Apr 27, 2007

ok.. nice

ramirez   -  Feb 08, 2007

Thank you for your review Pariah. :)

Also I\'d like to point out that the addon is actually compatible with mIRC 6.20+, but I could only choose 6.17 or 6.21 when I submitted the addon.

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