xSeen v3.9

Published  Feb 17, 2009


A Multi-Server Seen system that has seen notification. Compatible with mIRC v6.16 - 6.31.


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Feb 17, 2009


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xDaeMoN   -  Mar 04, 2009

Hi Cheiron, the only thing I can think of which could be causing the problem is with the name of your server. Please PM me the name of your server. Thanks.

Cheiron   -  Feb 18, 2009

couple of issues i have found to an otherwise very good addon..

firstly, when you use the !seen command a pm is sent to the person involved eg !seen rose
a pm would be sent to rose saying person x was looking for you in room y

there does not seem to be a way to disable this.

secondly.. trying to save settings... i cant work out how to do it as each time i change a setting for my server and go back to check.. it has reverted to the default again

could i pick your brains for a solution as to what either i am doing wrong or how to remedy it please. otherwise. very very good script.

EL   -  Apr 27, 2008

Nice i ll be sure to check it out.

xDaeMoN   -  Apr 27, 2008

@ EL, yes. It was tested with 6.31 as well.

EL   -  Apr 26, 2008

Author notes:

A Network-Specific Seen script that has seen notification. Compatible with mIRC v6.16 - 6.21.

Will the upgrade me compatible with newer versions?

xDaeMoN   -  Apr 26, 2008

Version 3.9 has been uploaded, just waiting for it to be reviewed. :)

Mylesmart   -  May 05, 2007

It works very well, Its much better than the service bot\'s :).

RoninWarrior   -  Jan 13, 2007

This deserves atleast a 17/20

technikal   -  Nov 19, 2006

euhm let me see if I remeber correctly.
I believe it was something like too many results or so?
I deleted it because I\'m too n00b to get it to work properly :(

xDaeMoN   -  Nov 06, 2006

\"full\"? Can you please give the exact error message that you received. I haven\'t really encountered that. Probably because I always had mine set up for auto-deletion of entries. Try that too.

technikal   -  Nov 05, 2006

Very greatly done!
I have tried it and it works like a charm.
For 3 days that is. After that it says its \"full\" and I am too n00b to know what to do next.
Anyone got a tip for me?


xDaeMoN   -  Sep 27, 2006

Thanks. There\'s a newer version which has a lot of bug fixes & the dialog has been re-designed. I just keep on forgetting to upload it. :p

greenlanter420   -  Sep 26, 2006

well written but like sean said thats to be expected keep up the good work.

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