Published  Feb 19, 2007


HypeRPG is a fun RPG game that I made a couple months ago while I was bored out of my mind. I am quite pleased at how it turned out. It features 64 towns, battles with monsters and other logged-in players, and the ability to buy and sell items, even level-ups. It is a fun game, just stick this script on your mIRC 6.16 bot, do some quick configuration, and you're set for launch!


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Feb 19, 2007


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HeilTec   -  Feb 25, 2012

On the way to develop an IRC RPG game I naturally looked at this 'little' game. Great job!
The code and world-simulation is nicely put together, and except for the heavy ini-file use it seems to run nicely.

A little more help for the players will be needed:

  • A user greeting upon entering the channel showing the command: /msg rpg help

  • Command: Weapon needs to be in the help

  • I think the odds in the casino are a bit steep, but not encouraging gambling is quite OK.
Shinybot   -  Dec 03, 2009

Works Great.

Klone   -  Nov 29, 2009

I'm logged in HypeRPG, but when i enter the command "/msg HypeRPG_Bot rpg move n" the bot won't allow me to move, what should I do?

ShAmPi   -  Mar 11, 2008

Well I fixed most bugs (even map works) But I can\'t seem to figure out how to equip stuff I found/bought oO

balron   -  Mar 03, 2008

So, it\'s not worth loading?

Logan   -  Mar 02, 2008

Balron Yea it will. I got it to work I figured it out and I played it. It sucked almost nothing in it worked. I tried all mircs and it worked the same.

balron   -  Mar 02, 2008

Will this work with the latest version of MIRC, 6.31?

EL   -  Feb 28, 2008

lol dude Logan your arent serious.You so call \"coded\" RPG\'s an you can\'t start a fking RPG game,Read the code bud an edit it or just read the comments above yours....

Logan   -  Feb 28, 2008

How do I start playing?

LordHawk   -  Feb 28, 2008

you have to be in a city that has a hospital. then you can use it

EL   -  Feb 17, 2008

snoooP lol thats the game i was testin on my server /join #rgp-arena still testing games tho =\

SnoooP   -  Feb 17, 2008

how do you go to hospital lol

pokemaster23   -  Nov 08, 2007

Oops..I meant:

Not a new mIRC.exe....

Oh yea and nice lil game

pokemaster23   -  Nov 07, 2007

to d/l the bot:

hit the link at the top of the page
open the file
open the read me.txt
it will give you very specific directions from there

Memmy   -  Jun 29, 2007

Ok Can Someone Please tell Me Step By Step How To Download this RPG, because i have no clue where to find the Readme Things, like tell me which folders i should open, and how to actually put the RPG in my bot or w/eIt would be much appreciated

greenlanter420   -  Oct 16, 2006

so what it doesn\'t work with the newest version of mirc i\'m not down gradin to run any script thats stupid I doubt thats the actual reason though Dagpguy

APinis   -  Oct 16, 2006

Sorry for double posting, but how can i fight monsters?

APinis   -  Oct 16, 2006

and yea the map doesnt work...

Ne0   -  Oct 04, 2006

got it all running fine, except cant get anymore than 2 players at any one time, if anyone has sorted this please advise

Ne0   -  Oct 04, 2006

managed to get it running after making changes needed, running fine and pretty good, unable to get map to work but will look closer later

Yoinx   -  Sep 08, 2006

I loaded it fine, and it seems to work fine for me.

Edit the settings (your channel)
Load the bot.
Join the channel
msg the bot \'rpg help\' and it will notice you back. take it from there.

Yoinx   -  Sep 06, 2006

read the readme. Load the script. change the settings. get it in your channel. then type rpg help

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