n3rd v1

By TeQh
Published  Feb 06, 2008


n3rd v1 is an mIRC bot intended to work with IRC services to manage a channel. It can run on network's without IRC services though. It has commands such as extensive bartender commands, google search options, 8ball, op commands and much more. It supports owner, op, and halfop user databases. The documentation is a bit weak, but I included a full help system. Any command you need to know, just type .help [command name]. This bot is intended for new user and the coding is a bit weak, but I made it for my own use and then modified it over time for other users.


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Feb 06, 2008


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Kentaro Kurosaki   -  Oct 26, 2011

@Isabel if you register the channel, your nick, and the bots nick you should be able to keep the channel, if you want the bot to stay in there, look for a bnc for it, that way the bot or you can stay online even if your computer is off, provided you exit the right way.

And @TeQh I love your bot, though I've been making a few changes to it, allowing it to join multiple channels etc. plus adding addons and the like to it :) Though I still keep your info in a separate place so if people want to know the maker, it will say you :) Plus making many aliases, and ways to interact with it, changing trigger to ! so to differ from the botserv bots, and the addition of a logging script that i devised.

Have fun, and continue working

Isabel   -  Mar 10, 2010

Hello, my name is Isabel. I'm a new (or soon to be new) user to mIRC and was wondering about this program.

Allow me to get a little more in detail. My small group and I have created a Gaming Website and we'd like to add in a chat client for our users. Someone suggested using IRC and thus, I downloaded mIRC from mirc.com. Now keep in mind I haven't really used this yet and I've only just started the trial about half an hour ago so forgive me if I ask stupid questions.

What I am wondering is if we set up a #Channel for our group and then go offline, that channel will be erased right? So basically any of our visitors can join our chat and then fully take control of it because maybe I'm sleeping or something and my computer is offline? I wanted to get a bot that can be online all the time and host the channel for us that way it is always open and always in control. Can this bot do that? If so, how?

Also we'd like users to be able to gather information by asking the bot in the event we're not online. Such as statistics on weapons, or general about us type info, is this possible?

My questions aren't limited to just these, I have plenty more but I could run the length of this "comment" if I asked them all so if anyone at all knows about this bot and what I can and cannot do and also how I can do those I'd be much appreciated. Also note, this is my very first time on this site and may not check it very often so if anyone has any information as to mIRC or this bot itself I'd much prefer email. My website is www.FeminineDivinity.net and we have a contact us link there.

Lots of thanks to you!

Cerdric   -  Feb 08, 2010

I need some help with this darn bot!
The IRC network listed in the readme is bogus, it's turned into some sort of weird file sharing network. The website is down, and I can't talk to the author via e-mail.
But I still need help!
For some reason, the help command DOES NOT WORK. It works for me, the owner, but no one else. and there's no reason why it shouldn't be, it's all set up exactly the same way as the owner help. :'(

Shinybot   -  Dec 02, 2009

Hmm its not Publish i see :/

but i have used it

Shinybot   -  Dec 02, 2009

Google is your friend ;)

Supermetalfreak   -  Nov 30, 2009

There is?

Shinybot   -  Nov 30, 2009

There is already a New version V2

Supermetalfreak   -  Nov 30, 2009

aayush, read the readme.

aayush   -  Jun 28, 2009

how do i install the bot on mIRC?

aayush   -  Jun 28, 2009

Can someone tell me how to unzip it..

Crescentvn   -  Jun 22, 2009

Why does the bot always say "I'm busy right now, try again later." when I type .help?

JmactheAttack   -  Jan 25, 2009

I really like this script a lot! Being someone who is somewhat novice in the more advanced aspect of mIRC coding, I really liked the organization and layout of everything. It has really inspired me and giving me lots of ideas on how I can create my own mIRC bot.

TeQh   -  Dec 02, 2008

hey hawkee man how you been?
Scakk/irchainscriptz yeah lol my hosting died again lol... gotta move to a new host... they said too much usage.. but mirc.net has the new version up... ha

irchainscriptz   -  Nov 25, 2008

yeah its a blank page..not loading whatsoever?

Scakk   -  Nov 25, 2008

The site is not loading for me TeQh.

Hawkee   -  Nov 25, 2008

Hey TeQh, it's been a long time. How are you?

TeQh   -  Nov 25, 2008

A very large update made to n3rd v1 and submitted here for review but if you want a direct download, visit http://n3rd.teqh.com/ 0.1.1 is out and has lots of fixes.

TeQh   -  Feb 06, 2008

Hey guys, n3rd is back and supports the latest mIRC 6.31. Thanks for everyone who supports n3rd v1.

Our website is up @ http://n3rd.teqh.com/ if you need any help, thanks.

TeQh   -  Oct 01, 2006

Yea, when i create n3rd v1, at first I was just learning mirc scripting and i continued to add more as i learned. I don\'t expect it to be the top mirc bot,m but I do expect people to learn from it and go out and create their own bots. so if you need a decent bot that have several functions, check out n3rd... Some guy messaged me on Yahoo! the other day and said that I helped teach him how to script because my script is so easy to modify. I am glad it is actually a use because I made it majorly just for something to do in my boring channel back in the day... anyways, enjoy the bot... and check out http://n3rd.teqh.com/ for updates and information... thanks...

G3|Tren   -  Mar 02, 2006

Well first of all this is a great Bot, I love it because it is very programmable; if you have text pad you can edit w/e you want, I am currently working on combineing the Rock-Paper-Scissors game from the rps-bot into n3rd. But of course, with every good thing there is a few bad things. I have two complaints about this bot: (1)Its responces can be a little \"vulgar\" for my taste. (Easily fixed) (2) As everyone knows, this Bot always crashes due to \"excess flood\". Well I am happy to say that I have found the source of the problem and I am WORKING ON FIXING IT. When I get it fixed I will upload the file w/ some simple instructions and post a download link here. I am glad to help and with this soon-to-come bug fix, this Bot will be a great addition to your IRC channel. Note: I have also done some \"slight\" moditoring to fix my first problem. They are nothing special but I can upload the moderated files upon request.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Acid-Religion   -  Sep 15, 2005

May work nicely, but I keep getting disconnect because of excess flood when I use the help command. Maybe you should use a text file and play command to counter that or an timer?
May add another comment when I\'ve actually got around to test it properly!

TeQh   -  Aug 20, 2005

I\'d like thank Yoinx for all his feedback and reviewing n3rd after two years in and out of the queue :P.... Hope you guys enjoy.. and feel free to msn me until my server is back up..

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