mIRCStorm Bot V2.0.0

Published  Dec 06, 2006


mIRCStorm is an easy to run, easy to set-up, easy to use eggdrop alternative. Commands following from the highly successful stormbot.tcl make the bot fun as well as understandable.

Make your own bot personality’s! Simply edit the .txt file.

The bot includes 8 levels of access, ranging from channel voice to full global. Loads of commands and a detailed inbuilt online help system!!

Detailed Documentation included with the Bot - Everything you could need.

It also includes a beta version of the Botnet. Connect any number mIRCStorm bots togther!

Want to know more? Try it, we have busy forums at the homepage website and an irc channel for any help you need.


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Dec 06, 2006


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SReject   -  Oct 27, 2011

To fix it, or atleast get it running, search scripts\main2.mrc for

if ( $version != 6.17 ) {

and replace it with

if ( $version < 6.17 ) {
napa182   -  Jul 03, 2011

fayaz either download this one or any other mIRC bot, or get a clean version of mIRC an make some kind of bot/client. It is not hard to do.

fayaz   -  Jul 03, 2011

hi i need bot of yours on #f&k undernet channel my nickname of undernet is fayaz plz any body help me i do not know how to make bot

jaytea   -  Jun 08, 2011

Should of listed to me 3 years ago lol

can you identify the infected file or the malicious piece of code?

your anti-virus was very likely mistaken.

jc987   -  Jun 08, 2011

Should of listed to me 3 years ago lol

troll   -  May 12, 2011

wtf is it l0l

irchainscriptz   -  May 05, 2011

Hmmm been using this for years, and downloaded it again, and sorry to say have no viruses or worms. And G Data internet security is very tough for that. and Microsoft essentials. And I have various scripts on my site which i upload from my computer, so sad as it seems dont think so. but here if you need a clean link http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1583408/mIRCStormV2.0.0-Installtion.zip

blodix   -  Apr 28, 2011

Shon you are wrong. This is an virus. Trojan horse and Worm positive.

EDIT: I scanned it again, this time through virustotal: http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=35a5021341cf7b19519cecd90aef9c1b0e548e544579518f72a36af47ead8449-1304003993

Is the report

Dark|   -  Dec 04, 2010

oh and Demonicpagan
Please if its crap Why dont you make one thats better? or a mIRCeggdrop? ;x

Dark|   -  Dec 04, 2010

i dont think this works anymore ;/
New verison Evil Dave ;x

Morphin   -  Dec 04, 2010

It's not recognizing the main setup command for me

Demonicpagan   -  Dec 04, 2010

I've looked at the code, it's poor. As such, I won't even think of running it. Stupid of them to take something that is well written in TCL and port it into mirc that can't even come close to the quality of that the REAL script actually is.

jaytea   -  Dec 04, 2010

Demonicpagan, you sure have a lot to say about this for someone whose only contribution to the website has been a bunch of comments on a submission to which you've inexplicably taken a disliking. i suppose we should actually be thankful that your vomit has been contained to this page and this page alone.

i'm sure this script isn't perfect, and recent comments reveal that its installation procedure is inadvisable, but your comments are still entirely unjustified - especially for someone who, by his own admission, hasn't even downloaded it to use or examine the coding of.

if Evil_Dave has stopped maintaining this project then that's regrettable, but should not detract from the fact that this appears to have been a successful piece of work for its time. Dave sounds like an articulate and intelligent coder; an asset to this website. you, however, are not.

Demonicpagan   -  Dec 04, 2010

I'm tellin ya. Don't bother with this crap ass script. It's not worth it.

Shon   -  Dec 04, 2010

NO Virus but the Script won't work with mIRC 7.15 it would always download 6.35

HartselleBoy01   -  Oct 21, 2010


Demonicpagan   -  Aug 30, 2010

::sighs:: Yeah, I knew without needing to download it and run it that the script was fail.

afp_romania   -  Aug 28, 2010

[29/08/2010 00:32:59] !SHUTDOWN! Shut Down Succesfully[29/08/2010 00:33:17] !SHUTDOWN! Shut Down
dude, it's not working with last version or 6.35
delete that protection...

Demonicpagan   -  Aug 28, 2010

Working version of Stormbot TCL can be found here: http://dustin.bothouse.net

bigga.bubba   -  Aug 28, 2010

I went to the project on google and there is nothing to download... no mirror available and nothing.... so where's a working version.. at least this version works!

bigga.bubba   -  Aug 28, 2010

If that's the case Demonicpagan.... why not provide a link to a working version?

Demonicpagan   -  Aug 20, 2010

This script is no where near as good as the actual eggdrop Stormbot TCL which is still maintained. This is just a "wannabe" version and is an utter piece of crap. You want to run stormbot, get an eggdrop and use the actual script.

DragonHeart   -  Jul 09, 2010

I run this script for my bot and it works great.

jackster35-1   -  Apr 02, 2010

GTAXL I know what im saying so dont but in

GTAXL   -  Mar 22, 2010

Don't download. This just has you install an older mIRC in it's zip file which is nothing important.

jackster35-1   -  Jan 29, 2010

@gathrax download Mirc from mirc.com and when installed you use that for bot making if you want to use this then goto were you save the mirc to then right click Mirc.exe and copy it then paste it in the mIRCStorm then run it :)

gathrax   -  Dec 21, 2009

Ok, this is my first ever bot. I cant even get it started. Where is the mirc.exe file?

Ghost-writer   -  Aug 20, 2009

Cannot find your channel on teh server you said you are on.

sk68   -  Jul 18, 2009

nice script, but it seems to require a channel for commands that dont need it, like help and chpass =\

@maggus use /msg levels to see the levels you can use

Maggs   -  Jul 12, 2009

When i do "/msg adduser # 1" it sais;
"Unknown Level. See 'Storm levels' For More Information On Levels."

Where can I find this, didn't see it on the mIRCStorm forum...


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