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Published  May 09, 2004
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Instead of searching for 1 Addon, Download Addon Pack, it Includes over 20 different addons in one. All nicely displayed in a dialog, you choose what you load/unbload, gives you the size, author, status (load/unloaded) and a description of the addon.


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May 09, 2004


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Jose`Botella   -  Jun 04, 2004

6/20? I\'ve tried this and I love it. Very much higher then 6/20.. The only thing I did not like were the on join remotes and how on the last one or two addons it did not have a description.

TeQh   -  May 10, 2004

Just a warning, this script has an on connect and on part option to force you to stay in a channel called #co0lworld, so remove the last two remotes in the main .mrc file, to disable this. Also, if this author plans to release an update, I suggest he removes it.

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