imgmirc v0.26s

Published  Apr 05, 2005


This addon can replace smileys in mirc windows with corresponding images (a-la trillian), perform regexp highlighting (should be working for case-insensitive hl on non-english locales), and substitute random quit messages on exit (a-la bitchx).
v0.25: added "graphical interface for configuration" and transparent smileys.
v0.26: bug fixed
v0.26s: source code added


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Apr 05, 2005


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irchainscriptz   -  Apr 06, 2011

WOW! I had v.0.27 compatible with mirc 6.35 :)
and how to down load v0.28 ?

As posted on top discool this is beta0.29 & v0.28 is out
DL: holy crap just saw the date oh well I typed might as well post it rofl

Gallion   -  Apr 02, 2011

With both this version and 0.29b I get:

imgmirc: Can`t get address of recv function


dlsocool   -  Jan 03, 2011

WOW! I had v.0.27 compatible with mirc 6.35 :)
and how to down load v0.28 ?

afp_romania   -  Sep 25, 2010

i have an error, and i don't know how to resolve it:

when i enable smileys it gives me that error.

Can you help me?

SamehSpiky   -  Aug 18, 2010

hello zvold
first , thx for the great dll
there are a bug

within v0.28 >> with mirc 6.35 >> when i enabled the "display and encode" option there are 2 situations,
the 1stL when the text is all in english also the nickname >> ddl replacement works ok
the 2nd: when text contain utf8 encoded text ( non english letters ) >> the replacment didnt work from the point the encoded text start
ex: :y adad شيشي : :d
"ok" adad شيشي : "failed"

within v0.29beta >> with mirc 7.1 >> if the text is all in english it works ok
if there are encoded as my arabic font the replacment id done by fault on the encoded text as shown in this pic

zvold   -  Aug 13, 2010

imgmirc v0.29beta (which should work with mIRC 7.0 and mIRC 7.1) can be grabbed here:

Styleofglobal   -  Aug 12, 2010

Unable to find .idata :(

Uchi   -  May 20, 2010

hi there can some1 generously upload there edited mirc script (the ones theyv added picture smileys to?)
if its already uploaded somwer...would you please generously give me link

i really want a script with picture smileys on mirc but
i knw next to nothing about mirc coding...... thnkx i really appreciate it

Hrki   -  Mar 08, 2010

v0.28 is out

Compatible with mIRC 6.35

YeahJCS   -  Dec 25, 2005

This add-on is very good for the smilyes support, but for many other thinks is very bad!

If the DDE name is not mIRC the add-on not work.
If you open 2 mIRC with this add-on and try to open the configuration panel of imgmirc, the panel reappers ever and mIRC will crash. (What is this stupid message \"imgmirc.dll already loaded\"???)
I think what the dll can be used with more then 1 mIRC opened... -.-
And DDE name? Why must be only mIRC for run correctly imgmirc? :E

Please, if you can, fix this problems. Thanx

(Sorry for bad english)

AlexWise   -  Sep 17, 2005

This is fantastic, works 100%
I like a few others though didn\'t like the way you had to use HUGE font for the smiley\'s to show up well, However there is a very simple work around for anyone who wants to do this .....
All you have to do is edit the font you use and make the width and length of the : symbol a bit larger.
The smiley image will only be as big as the width and length of the letters you are typing out, for example :) < the smiley cant be any bigger than the width of that typed emotion in that font size, but by making the font wider and taller on : you give the smiley image more room.

I didn\'t use the bmp\'s used for this method I used my own smiles each one having there own bmp file ... smile.bmp sad.bmp etc
Each image was 15*15 in size ( standard for most java chat smiley\'s and forum smiley\'s ) and I then changed the replacements txt life like this-

(\:-?\)|?\))#smile.bmp#0#0#15#15 :-)
(\:-?\(|?\()#sad.bmp#0#0#15#15 :-(
(?i)(\:-?S)#roll.bmp#0#0#15#15 :-S

and this is the result in a screen shot -

The only thing this does mean that because you have edited the : symbol (colon) your time stamp or web links will look a bit bigger -
http: // like that , but you don\'t need to go over the top on making it bigger and it doesn\'t really show much.

I hope that\'s of some use to someone :)

zvold   -  May 31, 2005

A few words about \'.idata section\' error: this would appear if you use imgmirc of version first posted here with mIRC compiled with VC 7 compiler. I don\'t know about another sources of such an error... In general, this error means, that mIRC.exe is \"strange\" and imgmirc can\'t find the place in the executable where to hook its functions. So, if you managed to run imgmirc somehow and it works, just let it slide.

zvold   -  May 31, 2005

Animated smileys are something not very easy to implement because of the way imgmirc works. I don\'t know if there will be the next release, but if it will, i\'ll think about animated smileys. Regarding smileys in editbox: again, there is no possibility to add smileys there in similar to other windows way. But, there is even easier method to do that in editbox, because it is RichEdit now (though it still requires some coding).

[R]u[F]y   -  May 31, 2005

The dll show me this error:

Unable to find .idata section

Why this?

[R]u[F]y   -  May 31, 2005

This addon is the better solutions for smiley. It is faster, but the only thing is that i can\'t use .gif file (animated icons). Can you add this feature in the future version???

zvold   -  Dec 13, 2004

smileys images can\'t be larger than enclosing text. if you use small font, you have to redraw images, making them smaller, so they won\'t be resized.

vexation   -  Dec 11, 2004

is there any way to get the images to show up decently using a font smaller than 14pt? personally i think 14pt font is way too big, looks like a kindergarten class... love the dll tho

morgoth   -  May 25, 2004

Thanks a lot for the reply zvold..what do you mean by reading PM? Your reply here? There is still no way to contact you that I know you have any idea when we can expect an update of this great add-on? thanks again for the reply.

DeathfireD   -  May 18, 2004

ic, maby you might want to make a dialog that will let you edit them easy? just a though. Still love your add-on.

zvold   -  May 17, 2004

2 DeathfireD: Well, you can edit smiles patterns by modifying replacements.txt file. However it\'s kinda tricky because some knowledge of regexp is needed.

DeathfireD   -  May 16, 2004

Very nice add-on I love it keep up the good work. maby add in a part where you can edit the symbols that make the smiles show up.

zvold   -  May 11, 2004

hi morgoth, read PM, and thank you! As i wrote in manual the probability of bug in configurator is high.. I\'ll fix it as soon as possible.

morgoth   -  May 09, 2004

the author of the script asks to report bugs but there is no way mentioned to contact email address or anything. I hope the author will reply here or at leave an emailaddress otherwise. Thanks.

morgoth   -  May 09, 2004

another very annoying thing is the imgmirc configurator window keeps other words: settings avaialble in it are never set and the window won\'t go away.

morgoth   -  May 09, 2004

but the bugs which are there seem to prevent me to use it...for example there are isssues when one runs two instances of mirc (as i need to do)

morgoth   -  May 09, 2004

i would very much like to use the highlighting features of this script

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