Published  Feb 19, 2004


A full-blown webserver addon for mIRC. Supports Mhtml v2, password files, virtual folders, and much more. For more information, checkout readme.txt.

Update 1.11.2003 - Bugfix/compatability build Update 5.12.2003 - Bugfix/Feature build Update 5.1.2003 - Bugfix/compatability build Update 14.2.2003 - Bugfix/Feature build


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Feb 19, 2004


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MotionWS is a webserver that you can use to host files from mIRC that users can view from a web browser. Unlike an FTP server, the MotionWS server gives you the option of even hosting an entire website that users can view and also provides a few options for selecting which files are to be hosted, which type of files trigger the index, virtual folders and password protection for folders. A nice addon for those looking to share mp3's.

This update is a minor bugfix version; all users of the past version(s) are recommended to update to this version.
0 comment(s)    Posted Feb 19, 2004 by Zmodem

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Merbo   -  Mar 12, 2011

Tell me what router you have, I'll walk you through port forwarding. I host my own irc server at

Jae   -  Jan 05, 2005

yes there is a way to use it with a router, youll need to manage port forwarding

analfoerster   -  Mar 10, 2004

im in a network over router is there a way i can use the script anyway ?

RoninWarrior   -  Feb 20, 2004

i would like to say that i have douwnloaded this file and it is really awsome deffintly something to check out .

Zmodem   -  Oct 28, 2003

I\'d just like to leave some comments as a user not a reviewer, this addon is really great! :-) Good job, Oracel!

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