Megapede v1.01

Published  Sep 08, 1998
Updated  Dec 30, 2014
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Megapede was written to demonstrate mIRC's ability to play games.


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Sep 08, 1998


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Hawkee   -  Sep 04, 2011

jaytea is correct. Before 2003 we didn't have a registration system and people just submitted scripts over email. I had to download each one, install it, review it and manually edit a text database file.

jackster35-1   -  Sep 04, 2011

Oh, I see... That's why. LoL, silly me :)

jaytea   -  Sep 04, 2011

this site has been around for ages (1996?) but it received a makeover in 2003 and with it, if i remember correctly, a new registration system.

jackster35-1   -  Sep 04, 2011

Wow, your profile says you registered in 2003 if I'm correct yet the upload date is 1998, how does that work?

Hawkee   -  Aug 24, 2005

Thanks, it was definitely a fun project. I built something like this back in school in Pascal so I decided to port it over to mIRC. Took me a couple weeks to put it together but I loved every minute of it.

StanZ   -  Aug 24, 2005

I tryed it with 5.31 and change line 98 with 50 ms just to play a bit
quickly :)
Impressive game of 1998, generation ahead! Thumbs up Hawkee.
I do mirc scripting since the end of 2001, I only remember an amazing \"puyo puyo\" clone with music and sound FX\'s. (maybe from a page at

Yoinx   -  Dec 26, 2004

Hmm, i think it woulda beeen fun on a processor in the 100s of mhz speeds. On a 2.8ghz, you just die.

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