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Necronomicon 3 Scripts IT Version
Pros: Everything on this script works to the fullest. The dialogs and graphics are done well, but the most important is the protections and the server commands are brilliantly done. I like the way DeathJoker has done the autojoins and autoid's Done very well and easy to sort. The icons for the nicklist are also done well and you can display the icons to a normal one. All graphics can be changed thanks to his graphic box and display dilaogs. I also find the Adminiustration control panel to be a huge highlight in the script plus the defons lockdown.
Cons: The only con I see is if you dont understand italian you will have a bit of a hard time figuring things out or configurating the script.
My experince with the script is a 10/10 very usefull and filled with mega options. Espicially if your an IRcop or Admin for the server. I have one suggeston for DEATHJOKER make it into a translation into english and people will use this script for a long time!! Looking forward to more on this topic.
0 comment(s)       Posted Sep 19, 2011 by irchainscriptz

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