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I've seen so many post a screenshot of their script so i figured i would join the club. Everyone's tastes vary so I won't be hurt if it's not liked by others. I built this to my tastes. Just my everyday mirc with my mp3 player.

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Posted Aug 31, 2011


Jethro  -  Aug 31, 2011
I like the way you have it set up, with a clean look and refreshing color choice. Nice one.
Dodge  -  Aug 31, 2011
Very Smooth, very nice err0r
AmytiX  -  Aug 31, 2011
very nice theme !
xdesoto  -  Aug 31, 2011
I like it. It's different, I like the nicklist. I need to try to do something like that. ;/
err0r007  -  Aug 31, 2011
ty to all, i know everyone has different tastes when it comes to the look of their script. I do appreciate that others like mine.
Aha2Y  -  Aug 31, 2011
I like it. It's different, I like the nicklist. I need to try to do something like that. ;/

Lol, you like the nicklist of every screen :P

ontopic: very nice.
xdesoto  -  Aug 31, 2011
Yeah I noticed that. Because well I'm converting over to DCX and it's plane at the moment :(
BigSteve  -  Aug 31, 2011
would love to know how you did the nicklist Im having issues with My nicklust one and would like a better nicklist
irchainscriptz  -  Aug 31, 2011
Yeah I thought him everything he knows LOL....ok ok its the oppisite he taught me a lot.Nice err0r great job bro (Y)
BigSteve  -  Sep 01, 2011
please tell me if the nicklist is DCX
err0r007  -  Sep 01, 2011
the nicklist is indeed dcx

while this one isn't mine it's done in a similar fashion Nicklist DCX
Aha2Y  -  Sep 01, 2011
Do you share the NickList code? :o
xdesoto  -  Sep 01, 2011
loL, That Nicklist DCX crashes my mIRC ;(
Jethro  -  Sep 01, 2011
xdesoto and Aha2y, what's wrong with mIRC's default nicklist? I mean, sure, with dcx, you can customize more than mIRC can and make it fancy-schmancy....but now every nickname with "exotic" characters gets decoded, whereas the old copies of mIRC couldn't do the decoding and needed mdx or dcx to make the decoded display happen. Perhaps that's just me, and I'm content with mIRC's plain nick list display. :P lol
err0r007  -  Sep 01, 2011
just to add to what he posted you are going to sacrifice function for form using a custom nicklist. The default nicklist is always going to perform better in any test. I am a designer so i like things to look a certain way and i am willing to suffer a little less function in return.
Jethro  -  Sep 01, 2011
Yes, err0r007, I have nothing against the creative mind of a designer like you. It's just many people try way too hard to make something look like a million bucks, thinking mdx or dcx is as simple as a plug-and-play extension to throw it in a remote. As a result, this sort of mentality gets backfired on them. I'll say, take it slow, study how mdx or dxc works, ask experienced mdx or dcx users as many questions as needed and then start from there.
xdesoto  -  Sep 01, 2011
Jethro_ that's what I'm doing.
I like customization on scripts.
Right down to the nicklist.
BigSteve  -  Sep 01, 2011
I would love that to be able to work on mirc 6.35
xdesoto  -  Sep 01, 2011
<3 6.35 that's what I use.
err0r007  -  Sep 02, 2011
you will need a different version of dcx for 6.35. In order to deal with the unicode change in newer versions of mIRC the dcx developers created a new version. So if you are still using 6.35 then you will need the older version. You can get both versions from their website.
BigSteve  -  Sep 02, 2011
I have the old DCX but the code doesnt work xD
err0r007  -  Sep 02, 2011
if you are using the older mirc you can just use nicklist.dll You can find a working example here
BigSteve  -  Sep 02, 2011
I dont want nicklist.dll I want a dcx nicklist :(
err0r007  -  Sep 02, 2011
unless you are using 7+ mirc then it's better to use nicklist.dll
err0r007  -  Sep 02, 2011
also please note : nicklist.dll is not the same thing as nicklust.dll
biojudgement  -  Sep 02, 2011
would like to have you shell :P
BigSteve  -  Sep 28, 2011
err0r loading that onto My version of 7.19 < yes I updated to fix a bug in my script >.< after loading the script it crashed My irc
 -  Oct 03, 2011
LOL I know that script :P that looking good err0r :P
 -  Oct 03, 2011
as for the errors and crashing, that is odd but thanks for the feed back about that, I will look it over and have a update asap
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