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My latest IRC version coding from Blackvenom666 and D34th plus My own additions and flipping stuff around thanks for the help guys

Posted Aug 15, 2011


PyThOn  -  Aug 15, 2011
wow i like this look
exactly how do i access this from the information you gave me.
Frenetic  -  Aug 15, 2011
The logo is spammed wayyyyyy to much.
xdesoto  -  Aug 15, 2011
I agree with Frenetic.

I think you should try to make a custom nicklist also. Since, you've gotten everything else customed.
Matcou  -  Aug 15, 2011
Cannot read that font very well :p
xdesoto  -  Aug 18, 2011
oO did I miss something?
ProSec  -  Nov 21, 2011
The stuff at the bottom, server and usermodes and all that. I would like to learn how to do that. Can you point me in the right direction?
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