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just me looking kewl

Posted Sep 10, 2007


AHBARAR  -  Jul 31, 2008
Yup U look Cool Already Just If U make Pic More Bigger will be nice .. and umm with lil color or i thing EL and Eug* will think its Pic To Be Colored >:P~~~ and hmmm say u got bf so no boy ask u for number ... for now my my my my my .. i mean my comment over (^.^)

Eugenio  -  Jul 31, 2008
Amy your fit nuff said.
jonesy44  -  Aug 01, 2008
Just cos she has an "ample" rack :P
Eugenio  -  Aug 01, 2008
well thats an added bonus.
I thought welshmen were only attracted to sheep =/
jonesy44  -  Aug 01, 2008
Eugenio, that joke continuously fails miserably. If they can cook, clean, and have great pair of jugs, just a bonus :D or a jackpot .. whichever way you look at it
Eugenio  -  Aug 01, 2008
/me chortles at the fact that they do actually shag sheep :x
ya know =/ some men that are male femenists <<< hate that word) say shoot like its the personality, even if they rnt attractive, and lookin good is just an added bonus.
but Amy is fit nuff said. lawlz
danielitotj  -  Aug 05, 2008
yeah she looks nice to me
thats it:p
Soulkeeper  -  Aug 07, 2008
Iunno. I don't see why she has herself inside the frame of another box. :/
I'd way rather see just her instead of the entire that frame + her. :<
pwnisher3  -  Aug 08, 2008
horny bass tards
Eugenio  -  Aug 08, 2008
rofl you trying to say she aint fit ?!?

dawn_starr  -  Oct 09, 2008
nup, she is fake - you decide,follow the link
EL  -  Oct 09, 2008
Rofl@ Dawn_Starr ,lemme guess, You signed up on just to enlighten us on this huh?, Really no one cares she can be a fukin hot pink umpa loompa with double D's suckin on a lollie pop on the hood of a car and guess what no one cares ;p.It's the internet hell 99% of us are fake.My suggestion...let it all burn.
Eugenio  -  Oct 09, 2008
what has her being fake got to do with anything......
the pic is nice (for a change -.-)
/me dances
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