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This is just the dialogs that i let you see as i didn't feel like deleting passwords then screenshotting so much work on that one and the hash viewer is still in beta form =/ anyway ill update as i go Anyone that accuses me of ripping read the following

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Noob u didn't creat the wallops guarnteed it was done before your time so don't claim it
Also mine shows more than service notices and wallops and raw admin

Switchbar i do not claim it is the one outta hitman irc

I also use his icon set with a few of my own thrown in

Also didn't make the dll's

Anyone else wants to call me on it plz do so so i can ignore you quickly :D

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Posted May 03, 2011


irchainscriptz  -  May 03, 2011
looking good D34th
irchainscriptz  -  May 03, 2011
Will you ever release this script?
SunnyD  -  May 03, 2011
What dll's are in use?
xdesoto  -  May 03, 2011
Derek, you need to make all your dialogs the same, not have some deafault and some black.. Makes it look messy. I know you're not done. Just saying man.
Also, loL @ my ident -_-
I love it :D
SunnyD  -  May 03, 2011
Agreed the variating schemes in your dialogs is tacky, but anxious to see it when it's done.
[i]concur  -  May 04, 2011
i fixededed part of your script and u made no mention of me. *cries* RIPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jk, lookin good darlin <3
xdesoto  -  May 04, 2011
SunnyD, I think this is his DCX version of the script. Not MDX.
D34th  -  May 05, 2011
Yus u did help with the switchbar and will be noted in about @ [i]concur

@irchainscriptz the script is personal but may be realeased but has much work to go

@SunnyD mainly DCX.dll the switchbar is MDX going to add in a winamp player once i find a decent dll for winamp >.<

@xdesoto have not completly abolished MDX... Yet :) and as for the dialogs ya i plan on making them look better before it is released if i choose to
irchainscriptz  -  May 05, 2011
Well D34th eithier way nice looking script keep up the great work!!
D34th  -  May 05, 2011
Thank you will do :D
[i]concur  -  May 05, 2011
D34th, I was kidding dear...could care less whether my name is mentioned or not. Just thought i'd pick on ya for your description of the script *nods*
You of all people should know that... <3
D34th  -  May 06, 2011
I know <3 =P But it's only fair since u did help out with it.
xdesoto  -  May 06, 2011
And you should put my name there. Because I'm cool like that.
D34th  -  May 06, 2011
Lmao help me with a script and i will i only give credit were its needed =P <3
xdesoto  -  May 06, 2011
I have helped you loser.. I think.. I dunno I'm tired LEAVE ME ALONE
D34th  -  May 07, 2011
Lmao will ur always tired >.< but meh to my knowledge ive done 99.8% of this on my own xD few ideas thrown in from Will IE. Ident Filter system for clone protection.
Anna's Help with the Switchbar @Windows
xD Throw me an idea will.
xdesoto  -  May 08, 2011
I have thrown you ideas.. Which in turn helps me too :D
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