AGFile Install Demo

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This is the install demo for AFI with the AGFile system.

Tags: agfile 
Posted Apr 18, 2011


Jethro  -  Apr 18, 2011
The dialog is bit too big and that button is lengthy because of the design, not to mention the wasted dialog space over all. From the workability aspect, it's not a big deal, but from the design standpoint, it can be improved so it looks nice proportion-wise.
The_Almighty_Duelist  -  Apr 18, 2011
The "Show Details" button opens up a list so that you can see what goes on during the installation and update process. It has a lot of room at the top because of the amount of information that it has the potential to store. With a lot of information in the dialog, this was the most aesthetic choice. Plus the Finish button is hidden.
Litch  -  Apr 19, 2011
Why not use /dialog -s and resizes the dialog as and when you need to?
The_Almighty_Duelist  -  Apr 20, 2011
cause then i would have to move buttons around, and without actually editing the script...i haven't found a way to do that yet :P
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