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Just a better picture of me. Maybe next time I'll post me coding for you guys. =P

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Posted Feb 11, 2010


Jethro  -  Feb 14, 2010
You look like someone's little sister. (As a matter of fact, you look pretty boyish) If you're a boy, I apologize. lol No offense intended.

Your picture reminds me of a pop rock band called "Hanson," and you look like their youngest brother Zac Hanson when he's very young.

This picture is dated back in 2006. People should have changed somewhat slightly if not appearance-wise within four years.

Again, I apologize to wrongly identify you if you're, in fact, a girl.
Dark|  -  Nov 20, 2010
LOL Jethro_ - if it is a girl {i dont know}
shes purdy :P lawl
Jethro  -  Nov 21, 2010
Ya know...(S)-he's got that pouty lip that's so full, juicy, and kissable, right?
napa182  -  Nov 21, 2010
@Jethro_ um lolwut

lmao careful looks like jail-bait ;x
Jethro  -  Nov 21, 2010
Ohhhh...I was gonna spice up Dark|'s imagination. It was a tease. :P I sure hope P34ch doesn't mind though. lol
NocturnalGuy  -  Nov 21, 2010
JAIL BAIT :O sick's....
Dark|  -  Nov 21, 2010
Lmao Jethro_
gooshie  -  Nov 21, 2010
She says to ignore the date but if we factor that into the equation she could be four years older now and unlike a blackjack dealer in vegas I will hit on eighteen.. so.. DIBS!
napa182  -  Nov 21, 2010
lol maybe gooshie but then again she could have been 12 in that pic lol
but what if they don't know how to fix the date on the camera, and it was taken yesterday. lmao jk...
Jethro  -  Nov 21, 2010
napa, don't be surprised some people do look younger than their actual ages. :P Of course, some do look older...,depending on how you take care of yourself through better nutrition, exercise, and sleep adequately.
napa182  -  Nov 21, 2010
Jethro_ I know.
Dark|  -  Nov 22, 2010
Napa just wants to hit it. lol
Jethro  -  Nov 22, 2010
napa's wife has his PC installed with some kind of tracking device without his knowledge, to make sure he's not engaged in any online

Above lame joke is not affiliated with Jethro's intention in any way harmful. It's merely for the sake of fun.
Dark|  -  Nov 22, 2010
Aurora801  -  Dec 22, 2010
P34ch is a chick. lol. She's pretty, and pretty cool. That is all I shall say. =o
starburst`  -  Dec 22, 2010
how does she look like a boy whatsoever @ earlier comments? lol.. smh.
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