Venom irc

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This is the irc im coding just started it called venom irc

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Posted Sep 28, 2009


BlueThen  -  Sep 28, 2009
#AdultsChat #CyberChat #OrgyRoom and who knows what else
blackvenomm666  -  Sep 28, 2009
yea i use a lot of rooms/sites normally on ten or more sites at a time
geostar  -  Sep 28, 2009
good for a first try but not as good as mine ;)
blackvenomm666  -  Sep 28, 2009
haah geo im not even done with it yet just wait and i already started a second script:D
napa182  -  Sep 28, 2009
nice work lorcan keep up the scripting....
blackvenomm666  -  Sep 28, 2009
O_O thanks napa its much appreciated
Aurora801  -  Oct 03, 2009
This is odd... Does this script (v1.0) have any extra visuals? Or is the only custom part the location of the switchbar and icon bar, and backgrounds? ;x
blackvenomm666  -  Oct 03, 2009
i am still in the proccess of scripting all the additional stuff as for now it has a few popups chatspace commands some ircd commands flooders auto password auto lister autojoiners stuff like that im far from done with it though
Cracker200  -  Oct 03, 2009
It's good ;D
Cracker200  -  Oct 03, 2009
blackvenomm666 You should make you're own Theme like i am working on ;l
blackvenomm666  -  Oct 03, 2009
explain on what you mean by theme im still new to scripting only been doing it since ummm two days before my first posted script soo yea i unno 2 weeks maybe?
afp_romania  -  Aug 29, 2010
there is an addon "MTS loader" and with that u can load files called "themes" and your default events on mirc are replaced by events from the theme. So, u can modify the aspect of joins, parts, quits, topics, etc.
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