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i put a playing card in my power supply fan and now it sounds like a motorcycle! *BRRRRRRFFFFPPPPSSSSS*

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Posted Aug 23, 2009


zNigel-  -  Aug 23, 2009
Somebody needs a cleanup :)
Jethro  -  Aug 24, 2009
lol Oh gosh, as a clean freak, I'd be deadly un-comfy to live in this sort of environment shown in these pictures. No offense, gooshie. Being sloppy just ain't in my book.
Astaroth  -  Sep 18, 2009
/me barfs :D
lol clean up f00!
p0d  -  Sep 18, 2009
p0d  -  Sep 18, 2009
Question .. did the tower survive a fire?
Jethro  -  Sep 20, 2009
Question .. did the tower survive a fire?
I think so. It looks very "ventilated" from that angle shot.
Astaroth  -  Sep 30, 2009
man...thats bad :(
Jethro  -  Sep 30, 2009
You can tell gooshie is very much involved with his computer. A PC like that can easily outlive everything. Excuse me, gooshie. lol
Cracker200  -  Sep 30, 2009
LOL thats worse ... then my Computer room No offence... LOL

um i think you need to Get a New tower that one looks fĂșking OLD!!!!!!!
sunslayer  -  Sep 30, 2009
theres 3 dollars by the keyboard
asakura  -  Oct 01, 2009
ever thought of investing in a plasma/lcd screen. then you can store more crap behind the screen (: as its smaller.
PuNkTuReD  -  Oct 01, 2009
lol in the top pic its a can of coke, and in the bottom one its pepsi
Cracker200  -  Oct 01, 2009
PuNkTuReD  -  Oct 01, 2009
gtta love the THICK HTML book on the floor

lol who can spot his pron stash?
Cracker200  -  Oct 01, 2009
He Has Alot off Porn Just Not Naked/Guys/girls.... Computer porn Pictures Off Naked Comps and there cpus and stuff LOL
PuNkTuReD  -  Oct 01, 2009
Jethro  -  Oct 01, 2009
I think MacGyver will be able to make something "dangerously powerful" out of gooshie's place.
knoeki  -  Oct 03, 2009
This room breathes data. Very good. :_)
Jethro  -  Oct 03, 2009
Home sweet home is a best place for gooshie to be, so long he's happy, feeling warm and living in it. Nothing shall matter. :-)
gooshie  -  Oct 14, 2009
To: zNigel- and Astaroth
Reply: I cleanup all the time! Note image pane one
right of center and image pane three left of center
can of air used to remove ashes and cheezy poof crumbs
from keyboard.

To: pOd
Reply: Yes the tower survived daily small fires from
packs of Winston cigarettes. The large brown stain is
actually tar from the cigarettes left burning in the
ash tray in front of the tower. (The Towering Inferno!)
Note this seemed to have no affect on operation as you
can see mIRC is being displayed on the monitor. This
series of pictures was taken before 2005 as that year
I quit smoking.

To: Cracker200
Reply: I have since got a new laptop and retired that
old warhorse. That machine has fond memories as I built
it late 1998 and ran it through 2006 with many hardware
changes and w98se reinstalls. Never since day one did it
have the skins installed.

Reply All: No one mentioned the harddrive just laying in
the bottom of the tower or the 5-1/4" floppy or the mini-
mag flashlight magnetically attached to the side of the
tower or the half hanging out CD burner with white tele-
phone on top of it.
Jethro  -  Oct 14, 2009
If you have time to take some pictures, I'd like to see the organized version of your room and the new laptop. Hopefully it's something as sparkling clean as the "impeccable heaven."
Cracker200  -  Oct 14, 2009
LMFAO gooshie Classic eh ;P
SnoooP  -  Oct 14, 2009
:O ... shocked to be honest
Jethro  -  Oct 20, 2009
Lol...My younger brother is like gooshie, pretty laid-back, and has a room as outrageous as a run-down war zone. I guess I'm more like my mother who likes to have a meticulously clean living condition.
gooshie  -  Oct 21, 2009
When I get time I will take a picture of
my current setup. Maybe it will be as
Silo  -  Dec 28, 2009
Sorry, but this is amazing! I am in total love with these iomages. I had a quick look for pr0n, didn't find it (the Flight Mania tricked me at first). I saw two lots of medication.

Is that a 14" monitor? I saw 3" & 5" floppy drives. Amazing! Even a disc was there too!

Dude, how much did youi used to smoke?
Jethro  -  Dec 29, 2009
Oh no, you haven't looked into his computer for "pr0n?" lol Just kidding, gooshie. :P
gooshie  -  Dec 31, 2009
yup 14" monitor.. about two packs per day
Jethro  -  Dec 31, 2009
I thought you quit smoking? lol Oh yeah you did. :$ How were the days of your cold turkey like? How do you react when seeing people smoke or being around them now?
Silo  -  Dec 31, 2009
I went cold turkey about 6 weeks ago. I was at a pack a day. Surprisingly I found it really easy, and I have no problem seeing people smoke etc.
gooshie  -  Jan 03, 2010
First two weeks difficult. After several years it don't bother me.

Good job. Cold turkey is the best way. After a month you seldom miss it.
After a couple years you may get a brief urge at on rare occasions like after a certain
meal you have a brief 'somethings missing' feeling. But its a weak urge that
passes quickly. Don't start back or you end up smoking more than before you quit.
good luck!
gooshie  -  Sep 17, 2010
Jethro (and anyone else who is interested)
As promised, I posted a new image of my current set-up.
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