High Voltage IRC

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This is v0.5 beta of my upcoming mirc script. High Voltage IRC.

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Posted Aug 23, 2009


geostar  -  Aug 23, 2009
I would post a download but I havent a clue how to.
Spanky  -  Aug 23, 2009
dont you think you should tell people what it got.. or atlest some info.. about it.
KronicDreamer  -  Aug 23, 2009
kinda ugly nuthin to impress anyone and no details :|
geostar  -  Aug 23, 2009
its not done yet
this is a pre release....
Kerrie  -  Aug 23, 2009
Looks like a rip from NXG.
Maybe it's just me though.
KronicDreamer  -  Aug 23, 2009
get rid of the toolbar, adds too much bloat, also WAY too much black! and the win7 theme makes it look even worse :|
geostar  -  Aug 25, 2009
I'll post new screenies and a new link when its done!

Current list of features

- chatspace style nicklist usermode colours
- Built in clonesx
- Easy to find and use admin oper and op commands with options for both address and nick where applicable
- commands for standard users such as channel list motd server info whois view topic open p2p
- mass commands
- site protections:
- failed oper kill
- unauth admin/oper kill
- Site lockdown
- Staff log in notifier
- mp3 player
- Away System
- Built in lag bar ( not seen in this screenie as it wasnt added when it was taken)

Finally: there will be no more betas until the final version. Does anyone have any suggestions for theme and colour changes? Im not quite happy with it.
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