New iPod Theme [Cubes]

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This is my new iPod theme called Cubes, I think it looks kinda cool.

Tags: cubes  iphone  ipod  jailbreak  theme 
Posted Aug 08, 2009


jonesy44  -  Aug 08, 2009
Sweet man! That's pretty neat! I'm really into "Illumine" atm, it updates like every few days with new icons which is great! and it looks great, checkit out man.
mountaindew  -  Aug 08, 2009
Illumine looks sweet too, I'll have to try that as well.
jonesy44  -  Aug 08, 2009
It's worth a go =D I'm on the ol' iPhone now, so i need it to be simple & not use up too much RAM cos it's a functioning phone now, rather than a "toy" you know?
mountaindew  -  Aug 08, 2009
Yea I know what you're saying, I'd do the same if I had an iPhone.
jonesy44  -  Aug 08, 2009
Ayy. I'm considering removing a lot of the MobileSubstrate add-ons they're just far too RAM intensive
PATX  -  Aug 08, 2009
u just have an itouch???
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