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Posted Nov 29, 2008


Basillisk  -  Dec 03, 2008
holy shoot...
Basillisk  -  Dec 03, 2008
Basillisk  -  Dec 03, 2008
oh, it censored it ):
mountaindew  -  Dec 03, 2008
First of all, I'm sure you noticed there's a swear filter ;)

And second, you can edit your comments by hitting the edit link next to it.
Basillisk  -  Dec 03, 2008
lol fair call there :P
Zmodem  -  Jan 05, 2009
Actually, we can use: sh­ít. That'll do :)
Gosy  -  Dec 28, 2010
Damn, one question, can i use this to print it on a tshirt?! :)
napa182  -  Dec 28, 2010
lol go ahead just don't let Disney find out or ur screwed. ;x
Gosy  -  Dec 29, 2010
I'll do that and take a pic and upload it here :))
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