dazed and confused

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Posted Oct 09, 2008


KronicDreamer  -  Oct 09, 2008
very very nice photo!
Epik-Fail  -  Oct 09, 2008
Jenni ur boobs are showing :O
Epik-Fail  -  Oct 14, 2008
well... some of them >_>
^Neptune  -  Oct 14, 2008
She has 3????
Epik-Fail  -  Oct 14, 2008
Epik-Fail  -  Oct 14, 2008
i meant boobage was showing -_-
^Neptune  -  Oct 14, 2008
Of course you did.

Jenii is a mutant with 3 boobs.
Epik-Fail  -  Oct 14, 2008
id love to touch all 3 one day...

Bullet_Dodger  -  Oct 14, 2008

/me Glomps Jenni
EL  -  Oct 14, 2008
kids smh ya all need to get off the comp ...no pun intended;p or google proper porn.
NIGathan  -  Nov 15, 2008
Holy sh​it I was just browsin around, and I have my winamp library on random, and as soon as I clicked on this page the song Dazed and Confused started playing. I didnt realize it at first but as I was bout to click on home I noticed the title and double checked winamp... Crazy shi​t.

Nice pic btw, rofl @ Neptune
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