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Well, here's my new computer!! I've installed compiz and a shitload of effects, and fuck me does it look good! :D

FYI: This is an actual screenshot, not PS or anything, it's the real thing.

Posted Oct 08, 2008


jonesy44  -  Oct 08, 2008
FYI: This is an actual screenshot, not PS or anything, it's the real thing.
EL  -  Oct 08, 2008
Its nice but i dont see the big deal with linux and unix myself.long as it does whta is supposed to who gives a %^&! about the rest./me doesnt carer long as his comp workz.Plus i d need prox and cons to switch and no one given me any reason to switch from unix;p.All i hears is im installing this im installing that this doesnt work that doesnt work about linux.I'll stik with wat works.
^Neptune  -  Oct 08, 2008
What the..

Looks rubbish imo
~Sonny  -  Oct 08, 2008
KronicDreamer  -  Oct 09, 2008
i run ubuntu w/o compiz lol just the plain old linux, well a lil more 'graphixed' up then yours but nice screenie...

EL wtf you mean whats so big about linux? maybe the fact its way more secure then windows/mac os, its more flexible, way way way more costimizable....
so period....

Linux > *
jonesy44  -  Oct 09, 2008
I agree, it's awesome! I mean, you have to experience it before saying you dislike it.

You should try out some compiz Kronic :P it's awesome!
Kirby  -  Oct 09, 2008
This is a nub question, but how do I make scripts work on mIRC on Ubuntu?
I can load mIRC and connect to servers using Wine, but if I open scripts, the program just closes.
KronicDreamer  -  Oct 09, 2008
in Wine only mirc 6.16 or older work and any script cannot depend on the windows API 100% or they wont work.

and ill try compiz lil later...
jonesy44  -  Oct 09, 2008
mIRC Script editor crashes anytime for me, but i've only tried the recent versions.
Best way is to use gedit then re-load the script, or make a script to edit scripts :P (which gives me an idea)

Compiz is amazing! try it ;p
KronicDreamer  -  Oct 09, 2008
well i tried compiz but some value missing, ill havta google it later
Pass  -  Oct 09, 2008
Actually, only the newer mIRC versions, with the updated script editor crash with wine. I've never really experienced problems with prior versions, only few minor irritating bugs (regarding the script editor).
jonesy44  -  Oct 09, 2008
Same problem here, but hey! i think imma gonna try and run a virtual windows console fo my itunes.
PATX  -  Aug 12, 2009
Kirby u load them onto the C drive wine gives u...
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