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Posted Sep 28, 2008


^Neptune  -  Sep 28, 2008
The updated version of it. One more bug to get, then it's release time! BTW, I couldn't exactly get a fully functional search feature, but I've made it so you can select a category in the combo and view all raws related to it. There's 47 categories in total! You can hide that panel with the "Hide categories" button obviously. "Message" shows the active channel what you're viewing. Good for helping people.

I'll explain more about the broken raws when I release the snippet.

Oh, and you can also do /rawhelp rawhere and it will open the dialog with that raw loaded.
Zmodem  -  Sep 28, 2008
This is actually a pretty sweet idea. I've beta tested this and it works well except for a few minor glitches here and there. Awesome job, ^Neptune! Can't wait 'til you can release it.
Xpl0reR  -  Sep 28, 2008
would be great to have some triggers for public too

kinda like ?raw <#>

or ?raw <words>


nice work.
Gummo  -  Sep 29, 2008
You should move the dropdown over to the left and use only one list with an 'all' dropdown option, which is selected by default. :D
KronicDreamer  -  Sep 29, 2008
very nice idea
/me ripz
Zmodem  -  Sep 29, 2008
Gummo: It kinda works out, because there is a button that shows/hides that categories by expanding/retracting the dialog width. Actually, the oroginal idea was to have a dropdown that had 'all' in it.
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