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Posted Aug 23, 2008


Hawkee  -  Aug 26, 2008
I kinda like this theme better than the Windows one.
jonesy44  -  Aug 27, 2008
Hawkee, you're a useless liar :p
Hawkee  -  Aug 27, 2008
Well I'm not a Windows fan at all, so that might have something to do with it ;)
Eugenio  -  Aug 27, 2008
windows > despite appcrash -.-
I would like the windows one better if it wernt for the shíity background
jonesy44  -  Aug 27, 2008
LoL! I love the background, but that can be easily changed, so no worries there.

I'm very big on Windows/Linux. So those are my favourites. not very happy with apple, and the way it goes about its stuff, even though it's pretty much the same as linux using unix
Eugenio  -  Aug 27, 2008
/me nods like I know what the bloody hell hes chatting about
jonesy44  -  Aug 27, 2008
Mac and Linux are alike

Windows isnt like either of em
Eugenio  -  Aug 27, 2008
lol windows is superior mac and linux are just up to standard
mountaindew  -  Aug 27, 2008
I wouldn't say windows is superior :/

windows gets viruses and macs don't

(I use windows though)
napa182  -  Aug 27, 2008
thats BS mountaindew mac's do to get them just not as many as windows does.
Eugenio  -  Aug 27, 2008
windows might get viruses.......just get decent protection, I aint got one virus desprite some of these special websites I go on ;p
napa182  -  Aug 27, 2008
lol @ special websites
so them are the short bus sites? =P
jonesy44  -  Aug 27, 2008
lmfao! Linux is amazing! you can scroll through porn for hours and not get one single virus (Well, it's VERY rare you get one). Mac is more popular among morons, such as the windows crowd therefore hackers are using mac more nowadays. windows is still much higher risk though.
Eugenio  -  Aug 27, 2008
rofl anything close to a virus for me was nothing to do with porn...lmfao @ shortbus gtfo but I just prefer windows over anything else
windows > mac > anything else
mountaindew  -  Aug 27, 2008
I've never had a mac but from playing with them at the Apple store, I think I'd rather have windows. I'd rather have a desktop than a dashboard.
jonesy44  -  Aug 27, 2008
Same here. im not at all fond of macs
Hawkee  -  Aug 27, 2008
I love my Mac. OS X is far superior to Windows in every way, but the Unix foundation is really what gives it an edge. Dew, I don't know what you mean about desktop vs dashboard - I think the OS X desktop is just great.
jonesy44  -  Aug 27, 2008
Well, let's be honest! the best OS easily.. is linux! in EVERY aspect.

Price, yes
Functions, yes
Applications, yes
Speed, yes
Requirements, Very few for most basic
Fun, yes
Customizable, yes
Features, yes (compiz etc)
Poweful, yes
Chance of virus/infection, very low

I can't think of ANY way any other OS can beat it. I mean, i can make ubuntu look, and act exactly like vista. But on the other hand, i could turn it into a mac!
jonesy44  -  Aug 27, 2008
I apologise.. there is ONE major requirement of Linux, that neither Mac or Windows has..

YOU CAN'T BE n00b :p
mountaindew  -  Aug 27, 2008
Then why are you using it? :D
jonesy44  -  Aug 27, 2008
Haha, comical, MD! :p

Because i have a friend who's l33t at it xDxD
Eugenio  -  Aug 27, 2008
rofl @ hawkeh, dont get me started on other OS'
I would merk them all nite
windows >
F*U*R*B*Y*  -  Aug 27, 2008
Eugenio < *

o.O i win :)
Eugenio  -  Aug 27, 2008
haha and furbeh still failz
Mr I dont know /descirbe
/me is pwnage ^_^
Eugene > furbeh ( paulie ) **
/me winz
F*U*R*B*Y*  -  Aug 27, 2008
haha you fail more
Mr i dont know how to script

stfu you fail ok
Eugenio  -  Aug 27, 2008
Mr severe FAIL ^_^
you fail more than FAIL itself
atleast $me knows what /describe means roflmfao
so I see jub has returned to hawkeh under this nick furbeh ;o
you FAIL the most
/me out script0rz joo and dances
jonesy44  -  Aug 28, 2008
*wonders if google translations works with Eugenio's language*
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