MP3 Player - Version 2

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This is the new version 2 of my MP3 Player

Tags: codes  furby  mp3  mp3 player  mp3 system  player  system  xstatic  xstatic codes 
Posted Aug 19, 2008


LucSatise  -  Aug 19, 2008
looks good. wheres the player tho?
Lindrian  -  Aug 19, 2008
Haha, thats funny Luc :D
EL  -  Aug 19, 2008
yeah update Paul ffs i wanan test;p.although im supposed to be on hiatus from coding=\
F*U*R*B*Y*  -  Aug 20, 2008
yeah, just waiting for my few beta tester's to finish testing it
Zmodem  -  Aug 21, 2008
Hey, that 'player' sure could use a little more reorganization. The layout is a bit cluttered, bro. Granted, the problem seems to be with mIRC's lack of better features. Anyways, why not try picture windows in another update? Here's a nice idea:
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