MP3 Player with $rgb

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Ghurly theme.

You might think I'm spamming hawkee with my MP3 Player images, but this is just to show that any color is possible, because I have $rgb working instead of the awful 0-15 color range of $color.


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Posted May 29, 2008


Eugenio  -  May 29, 2008
lmfao wth now I know why neptune wont let me see what "he" looks like!
because "hes" secretly a girl.
^Neptune  -  May 29, 2008
I'm thinking of making some way that you can save themes. Then, you can double click a theme list and voila! your theme is applied.
Eugenio  -  May 29, 2008
That would be amazing, much easier to use and if you change the theme and want to change back then you dont have to bugger around finding out the codes again.
xD this really is gonna pwn.
SpotRedDog  -  May 29, 2008
when will this be ready for release?

^Neptune  -  May 29, 2008
Dunno. 2-3 weeks if I work hard.
Eugenio  -  May 29, 2008
Really ?!? I would of thought about a week 2 max.
Hawkee  -  May 29, 2008
2-3 weeks seems kinda long. Why not tomorrow?
mountaindew  -  May 29, 2008
Looks like the "Search + Play" button needs to be a little wider.
^Neptune  -  May 29, 2008
Hawkee: this is my todo:

Use MDX.dll to color dialog | $dll()
Make position box ($dname 11) actively change text according to scrollbar
Make a .hlp file and remove dialog faq's
(MAYBE) make the main list a listcb control, and only play ticked songs Notes: $did().csel and $did().cstate
Remake mini player dialog
Get rid of about dialog and place in the .hlp file
Try and make the dialog load faster (maybe cut out the local alias or use /loadbuf)
Make center button only enabled if the dialog is anywhere but the center Note: $mouse()

Find out how to check what key is being pressed for editboxes
Make a playlist option
Design/create an icon for each dialog
(Maybe) make a function to allow for the marquee method to be spaced by specified characters

Problem being I can't color buttons/box text/scrollbars. I'm looking at DCX but can't figure out how to "install" it.
Eugenio  -  May 29, 2008
woah rofl
I'll just cancel my account from hawkee and come back in 2009 when this script is finished :p
EL  -  May 29, 2008
ROFL@Eugene and nice pic ya look like your tweakin' ;x
Eugenio  -  May 30, 2008
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