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Posted Oct 01, 2011


Frenetic  -  Oct 01, 2011
Looking good. :)
ProIcons  -  Oct 01, 2011
Looking fake. :|
irchainscriptz  -  Oct 01, 2011
Looking Fake?
SunnyD  -  Oct 01, 2011
Looks great!
Jethro  -  Oct 01, 2011
Prolcons, you can't judge a book by its color, can you? :p
Frenetic  -  Oct 01, 2011
Jethro not if you're colour blind.
alabama  -  Oct 01, 2011
howd u change the icon? looks nice. it should auto - resize imgs. wheres the code?
ProIcons  -  Oct 02, 2011
Jethro i think i can :P lolz, Some Books with fail appearance are also fail but not always,
This thing is pointless... if you don't write your own code, to know what to do after that
to add more things you can't do anything. Actually is a waste of time all this. This is
a GENERATOR to creat a site, a site with what in it? Pointless at my opinion
ProIcons  -  Oct 02, 2011
If he would make an IDE in mIRC like RadPHP, DreamWeaver, that would be better, but this? wtf is this? 0
Jethro  -  Oct 02, 2011
I meant to save cover, not color. lol It was an accidental typo.
Gillian  -  Oct 02, 2011
fake? she made the other comments on
ProIcons  -  Oct 02, 2011
You didn't understand the point of my comment... It is USELESS with a few words.
ProIcons  -  Oct 02, 2011
actually if you replace my word "Fake" with "Fail" it would be better..
Gillian  -  Oct 02, 2011
another one figts the dust!
Jethro  -  Oct 02, 2011
Is an epidemic outbreak of dean influenza looming on the horizon again?
Jethro  -  Oct 02, 2011
I think you meant "bites" the dust.
Xpl0reR  -  Oct 02, 2011
ProIcons, if you don't like it, go hardcode yourself, this script might be usefull to a lot of people with no html skills. Stop beeing mean, it sucks.
irchainscriptz  -  Oct 02, 2011
everyone has there opinions. But sometimes saying things in a different way or going about it in a different approach would have been better Prolcons. Maybe to you this dosent cut it, but be respectful to the creator and just say great work, and maybe you should have made something like an IDE in mIRC like RadPHP, DreamWeaver. etc. not WTF is this. Thats my opinion also!! By the way BLKoldSUN_ great work and keep it up!!
alabama  -  Oct 02, 2011
i just want the code to see if it works
Jethro  -  Oct 02, 2011
Chains, that's been said an infinite number of times like a broken record, and you still can't instill that philosophy of respecting each other with constructive criticisms into people's minds. There will always be trolls, quarrels, and profanity involved to take place in online comments.
alabama  -  Oct 02, 2011
Jethro  -  Oct 02, 2011
alabama, that reply does not apply to you. :p But you get one like for commenting.
alabama  -  Oct 02, 2011
yay Thank you for The Like ! brother
 -  Oct 02, 2011
Looks cool and different, I like the idea be cool to see it finished. and at Prolcons, stfu, geez at least its something new and hasnt been done 500 times over. it is nice to see someone thinking new ideas, even if they seem useless to you.
Sorry Rant over...
Looks cool and that you spent a lot of time in it hope to see the the working code soon :P
alabama  -  Oct 02, 2011
very Nice Words maki maki brother
ProIcons  -  Oct 03, 2011
Sorry for being a Mean Person. Just this,
you know i'm programming since the age of 10, i'm 17 now... i also have heard a lot of !@#$ anooying comments, but they do me a big good. What i mean... from that !@#$ annoying comments, i learned things , how to improve my codes etc... and now i'm working on a company [i guess not for a long time , i'm greek , you know everything sucks here, economical crysis.]. I'm not a bad person, instead of that i want to help everyone everytime... some people use me because of this my negative, because i want TO HELP, i care about the others, but when you are to good... some people shoot you... so being a mean person help the other to understand better, is a way... to help also:P

P.S to consider my words, i add this fact: one time in class i was helping one of my class mates, and the girl is siting near to me in the desk because we are sitting 2-2 [one of my best friends] slapped me in face and told me don't be so nice lol.
alabama  -  Oct 03, 2011
programming != scripting
 -  Oct 03, 2011
if ($me == prick) { halt comment }
else { comments something that makes sense. }
SunnyD  -  Oct 03, 2011
@Alabama Lolwut?
alabama  -  Oct 04, 2011
Jethro  -  Oct 04, 2011
It should have been: if (programming) || (scripting) {

Nowadays, the fine line between a scripting language and a programming language is blurred. The differences are meaningless.
alabama  -  Oct 04, 2011
ProIcons  -  Oct 04, 2011
Noutrious  -  Oct 04, 2011
Sorry to say this is pretty much pointless and the fact that it's made in completely incorrect software makes it even more pointless. My mind compares this to "Website generator written in MySQL". Why would anyone use this at all? There are more efficient executable programs around the internet that has at least importing option.

I hope that this was written only to learn dialogs in mIRC, else this is complete waste of your life.
SunnyD  -  Oct 04, 2011
Why exactly is this drawing so much criticism from the peanut gallery.... I'm not sure. It's a nice UNIQUE snippet no less that has more potential use than that of most code submitted.

@Noutrious Incorrect software lol? You could think of no better excuse to make an asinine comment other than that? It's clear your ignorance is infecting your thought process seeing as you make no clear/valid points to back up those empty accusations.
Noutrious  -  Oct 04, 2011
@SunnyD do you think mIRC is program, that should be used to develop web pages? If so, sorry, I don't have nothing more to say to you.
 -  Oct 04, 2011
No mIRC really is not the best for this type of use, How ever, it can do basic pages and is something new, unlike the 500, aops, or banlist, or themes, we all have seen them done nothing new tho cool to see some the ways people do them, its nothing new. So seeing some one try something new and different is very nice, and you should not just troll peoples work to put it down just cuz you don't feel its a valid use.
SunnyD  -  Oct 04, 2011
@Noutrious Ignorance is bliss I suppose. Furthermore I never said anything about mIRC being a 'prime' program to generate html code. However it along with any other language can generate HTML code with the same quality, and if you think otherwise then you are a very short-sighted, arrogant individual. Commenting on a snippet for no other reason than to demean the submitter because it's not what you deem worthy is a real !@#$ move.
Noutrious  -  Oct 04, 2011
@SunnyD stop being a faggot.
Jethro  -  Oct 04, 2011
Ok, let's not go there, folks. SunnyD, be polite and don't instigate a quarrel unnecessarily.
alabama  -  Oct 04, 2011
i want to see code..
ProIcons  -  Oct 05, 2011
I Bet she/he only "coded" (designed...) the Dialog with Dialog Studio :P
alabama  -  Oct 06, 2011
probably. i dont see how anything like this could possibly be coded.
ProIcons  -  Oct 06, 2011
no it is easy, a ready html code, with some cases, if (something == 1) { write code 1 } ... etc...
but probably she didn't do this job
Frenetic  -  Oct 06, 2011
It's not exactly hard HTML basically just uses tags...

/html-gen lolhtml
alabama  -  Oct 06, 2011
it will be a if then else nightmare.....I counted over 70 text boxes, checks, radio buttons,

it's basically just taking a pre made web page and adding whatever effects in, that's not really generating.
Noutrious  -  Oct 07, 2011
alabama  -  Oct 08, 2011
Agree noturous
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