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I have updated the design of my future project, but it's not finished yet. Because i am a beginner i can't do things for more "modern" scripting things but i'm doing my best. When i will finish the design, i will make public the code for the users who want to work on this and maybe add other futures. :)

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Posted Sep 29, 2011


alabama  -  Sep 29, 2011
Dang! when will this be done? Are you releasing it free?
Gillian  -  Sep 30, 2011
nice work..u know theres a few out there on the net...just saying
afp_romania  -  Sep 30, 2011
well, i don't know this :d but i'm just trying to make something new for me and form my comunity were i am :) [just a hobby]
Gillian  -  Sep 30, 2011
i know you are doing a great job at it:)
alabama  -  Sep 30, 2011
whens it ready
Frenetic  -  Sep 30, 2011
nice work..u know theres a few out there on the net...just saying

Care to prove there is ANY on the internet that does this and was scripted in mIRC?
Savage_CL  -  Sep 30, 2011
first tab..links box... you spelled link wrong for "lick color"
alabama  -  Oct 01, 2011

I've never seen anything like this, this will be a first and i'm definitely looking forward to it.
alabama  -  Oct 01, 2011
Gillian  -  Oct 01, 2011
frenetic i was just commenting thats all i don't careless about your just being silly again.
Jethro  -  Oct 01, 2011
Let's not "_Dean_ify" this thread. I've had enough of this "game" and a victim in this for so long. I know I can't help it myself, but I'm trying to outgrow this ordeal.

The best way to not escalate the quarrel between two people is, one side learns to let it go. That may take your strength, willpower, and mental endurance to look beyond it, and would be best you trick your mind into thinking this whole thing never happened. It doesn't matter who starts the so-called altercation. Don't let the other person get the best of you.

A psycho troll likes this and he or she wants you to continue and get back at him or her. Don't fall for their bait and take charge of your emotions today.
irchainscriptz  -  Oct 01, 2011
Wow BLKoldSUN_ great work there looking awsome. I can see you have really put a lot of work into this. Looking forward to using it!!
Frenetic  -  Oct 01, 2011
Gillian, I'm just asking you a simple question offence intended .. lol
fraguk  -  Oct 01, 2011
nice work..u know theres a few out there on the net...just saying.

got any links to them?
alabama  -  Oct 01, 2011
there isnt any others this is uniqe
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