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This is a website generator for mIRC. For now is just the design, i'm working on it, and then i will post the code for those who want to finish it :) (ig there will be someone). This addon i want to make for begginers, who wants to create a simple website :) and edit what they like.

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Posted Sep 29, 2011


gooshie  -  Sep 29, 2011
I like the basic idea and the dialog box looks great (make it like 1024x600? netbook size). What I would like to see and have considered in the past to make would be simple one webpage with images and webserver that adds the link into the /whois fullname info using just the ip addy for when you don't have a domain name. Also, it could have an option for using a domain name for those who say get one of those dyndns freebie domains. It should include warnings that it exposes your ip addy and could get you nuked. Maybe some type list of safe network/servers to do the whois thing on. You could always use a popup notice to known friends. Also for protection an ip addy is ignored for 30 minutes after it gets the page so it can't just suck up all you up bandwidth with multiple request.

As far as the colors go, thing like a newbie that has no idea what is hex and get the official list of named colors and use them maybe in a dropdown list OR just have like sane defaults for picking from a small background colors list. What I see too often is people trying to recreate like dreamweaver and apache/mysql/php in mIRC scripting language that really most people wouldn't have the bandwidth to support anyway. But maybe there is a desire for a VERY simple one webpage webpage creator and server.

A one webpage type thing for this could include a special folder you set up in Internet Explorer to display your favorite links (easy to read by script and add to) and/or the links built into mIRC feature altho thats a burden to upkeep more so but the scripting would be easier and not as easily broken and not require a setup by the user.

The smart user could have the images he wishes to display hosted externally to save his up load bw and the webpage only created locally so as to have instant updating of things like nickname, favorites, servers, channels, whatever even pages your visiting at the moment (altho that would cut into my pron surfing activities lol)
SunnyD  -  Sep 29, 2011
Anxious to see your completed dialog. :) I'm lazy when it comes to HTML so I'll look high and low for a program to do it for me. Nice!
FelicianoX  -  Sep 29, 2011
Nice idea, don't use notheme so it doesn't look like Win98. I really want to see how this turns out to be when it's done, Good luck.
alabama  -  Sep 29, 2011
fraguk  -  Sep 29, 2011
I like the ider, looking goog so far good work :)
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