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:O:O Yesterday I had 21 notices...

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Posted Sep 23, 2011


Jethro  -  Sep 23, 2011
Just click it and make it zero.
irchainscriptz  -  Sep 23, 2011
err0r007  -  Sep 23, 2011
most of them are prolly the mIRC paid thread haha
xdesoto  -  Sep 23, 2011
That they are.
Aha2Y  -  Sep 24, 2011
That's nothing lol.

xdesoto  -  Sep 24, 2011
Damn, yeah you beat me.. And your arrow is better :(
Aha2Y  -  Sep 24, 2011
Yep, but alteast 12 ppl wanted to befriend with me!
Jethro  -  Sep 24, 2011
I have 59 friends and haven't checked if there are more candidates on my waiting list.

-Edit- 62 friends now. ^^
Hawkee  -  Sep 24, 2011
You can unsubscribe to stop receiving notices by clicking the X beside each notice on that page. I plan to improve that feature a bit so you don't need to load that entire page to see your notices. Probably going to do a drop down like Facebook and Google+ do.
Jethro  -  Sep 24, 2011
Perhaps I miss something here, but I fail to see the "X" next to each notice.
Frenetic  -  Sep 24, 2011
Jethro  -  Sep 24, 2011
Ok, I see it lol. I have to log in, click on the notices, see the page finishes displaying, and then hover my mouse to the right side of each notice for the X to show. This is rather inconvenient and inconspicuously tedious. :|
Frenetic  -  Sep 24, 2011
Yeah, it's a secret. He's hidden them so people don't unsubscribe! lol
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