Nov 17, 2003
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Code Snippets

sailoreagle created a Page  -  Feb 13, 2004

Allows any op in a channel to massop / massdeop / massvoice / massdevoice any number of people, just typing a !command. (Can of course be edited so it'll only allow the botmaster to do the command, etc) Uses tokens, /tokenize and $modespl to perform the requested mode change on as many people as the server allows on the same line.

sailoreagle created a Page  -  Feb 08, 2004

A series of commands to load on a bot, that allow all ops in the channel to ban, kickban, set topic, etc. simply typing a !command. Commands available are: !topic, !kick, !ban, !kickban, !mode, !op, !deop, !voice, !devoice, !voiceall, !devoiceall. The latter two commands use $modespl, along with tokens and $str, to voice/devoice as many people as possible on the same line (to avoid the channel getting..

sailoreagle created a Page  -  Feb 07, 2004

Snippet goes in aliases (alt-A). It will part and rejoin all channels you currently are in (keeping windows open) when you type /hopall.

sailoreagle created a Page  -  Feb 07, 2004

A very simple snippet that can be loaded on a bot, to allow people to change a channel's topic by messaging the bot. As it is, any user can message the bot and get it to change the topic - this can of course be restricted in a variety of ways (user levels, nicks, etc.)

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