Jan 03, 2006
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Winter Garden, FL
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PHP, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, node.js, Angular), Java

Javascript Code Snippets

sean created a Page  -  May 29, 2012
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APGAR is the one-way hashing algorithm all legacy Command and Conquer games use to send and store user passwords. This snippet is a simple port of the PHP version submitted some time ago.

sean created a Page  -  May 03, 2012
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Thought it would be a neat exercise to recreate the mIRC $gettok() function in javascript as I've seen it popup in several other languages. The only caveat I'm aware of is when passing multiple N parameters (eg: '2-6' or '2-'); it must be in string format. Otherwise javascript will interpret N and pass undesired results (eg: '-4'). If only passing one N parameter, integer use is recommended.

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