Nov 10, 2003

Code Snippets

Yoinx created a Page  -  Nov 18, 2005

This is one of those annoying talker scripts. I wrote it becuase I got tired of seeing talkers with hundreds of if statments in them.... This one lets you add your own through a handy dialog... Hope you guys enjoy it. And let me know of any issuses. There are no defaults with this one. However, this one allows you to maintain multiple lists.... Im looking for people to test it, give suggestions and..

Yoinx created a Page  -  Apr 15, 2005

This is useful on unrealircd networks with anope services. The bot needs an oline that would give it access to chghost, and access to set hosts in hostserv. There is one line that needs to be changed when you add words to the badwords list, it is commented as such. Sorry for any problems you may have with this (it works for what it is.) Also, this code will send a globops message when it changes a..

Yoinx created a Page  -  Feb 24, 2005

Here's a pretty simple Query Blocker. It uses hash tables to store the info. You can add pm to be allowed to pm you via the nicklist. People are added by ident@host not by nick. Also, a few notes. This halts the query window from opening, so you will not know whne someone messages you. It will only respond to someone from a specific ident@host once every 60 seconds. Right now, Im using /userhost to..

Yoinx created a Page  -  Feb 09, 2005

This is a simple example of how you can make invisible/hidden dialog buttons. Kinda pointless in my opinion but somone asked me how to do it, so I figured someone else might get some use out of it.

Yoinx created a Page  -  Jan 31, 2005

here ya go. I just finished writing this for someone on the forums. Its for Unreal IRcd, but should work on any server with the same formats for the commands. "/grater" brings up the dialog. "/grater bla" will bring up the dialog as if you had typed bla in the searchbox and click who.

Yoinx created a Page  -  Jan 29, 2005

Well, I know the script itself is pretty sloppy, but it works. Useage. !votehelp will bring up this help. ========== Ops: !startvote vote name (time)- starts a vote, time is optional and must be in secs. !stopvote vote name - stops a vote. All: !vote vote name yes/no - casts your vote. !currentvotes vote name - Shows current votes. !listvotes - shows all ongoing votes. ---------------- I may clean..

Yoinx created a Page  -  Jan 13, 2005

This is a cupbot Im working on. Its not finished however, I'm going to post it and just keep updating it. Put it in a bot and for the commands type !help and I apologize to anyone who feels this is sloppy coding. I would appreciate any suggestions on what else a cup bot is supposed to do. The prize doesnt really do anything yet, as I have no idea what it should do. Also, someone had requested a cupbot..

Yoinx created a Page  -  Jan 06, 2005

This snippet is requested quite a bit. Use !join #channel to make the bot join your channel. !part #channel to make it part your channel. if the user leaves the control channel the bot leaves their channel. Op s in the control chan can make it part joined channes and can ban it from joining channels. !banchan #channel !unban #channel Hope this helps people. Also, other than ops... only the person..

Yoinx created a Page  -  Jan 02, 2005

Here's another one, this one conrtols repeaters on text, action, and notice. The options affect all three as I did'nt feel like messing with making each independent of the other. Though it wouldnt be hard for anyone who wants to use this. Let me know of any issues. /repeatconfig will open a dialog to configure the script and make the hashtable. This script as with all of mine is open to anyone for..

Yoinx created a Page  -  Jan 01, 2005

This snippet performs massmodes. useage "/modechange +mode" ie '/modechange +o" will op all selected nicks in the chan thats are selected in the nicklist. This should be used for your popups.

Yoinx created a Page  -  Jan 01, 2005

This is a badwords script that i made. It supports multiple channels. You Either need to restart your client after loading this, or use "/hmake badwords 50" to make the table. Use "/badwords" to start it. Also, if someone uses more than one word in a sentence it will take the action on them. It checks words by token so test wouldnt trigger if test is in your list. Etc. If anyone has any suggestions..

Yoinx created a Page  -  Dec 24, 2004

I made these on a server running Unreal IRcd. I believe everything should work on other nets. However, there are numerous commands that are specific to Unreal or Anope. Also, all user modes in channels are mass. They will perform on ALL selected nicks in the channel. Im working to expand these to other networks services, But that may be some time from now. The commands included that are normal mirc..

Yoinx created a Page  -  Dec 20, 2004

This is an Mp3 Player that I'm working on. If anyone has any suggestions Please post them. I'm writing this as a snippet purely because I havent been impressed with the quality of mp3 playng scripts lately. So feel free to rip this for your scripts. Also, please pm me with any specific errors you get and I'll revise/update the code. This was written in Mirc 6.16 and tested back to 6.12 Update Change..

Yoinx created a Page  -  Dec 08, 2004

Since a lot of people request these two flood protections in the forum. I figured they should be posted. Might already be in here somewhere a few pages back but, oh well.

Yoinx created a Page  -  Dec 05, 2004

This is my xdcc search script. I have been working on it for quite some time for people to implement new features etc. If you have any suggestions for things that should be added, leave a not in the comments here. Also, if you notice any bugs let me know via the comments. You can also email me at the email address in the credits.

Yoinx created a Page  -  Dec 04, 2004

I wrote this on the forum for someone, figured I'd post it. I think it's a bit pointless though.... Just don't get banned in the first place.

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