Oct 27, 2005
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mIRC Code Snippets

FiberOPtics created a Page  -  Jan 14, 2006

Author: FiberOPtics Email: Usage: /pause <s|ms> <N>, where s stands for seconds, and ms for milliseconds. Examples: //echo -a hi | pause s 3 | echo -a sup //echo -a 1 2 3... | pause ms 1500 | echo -a 4 Purpose: Will pause the script engine on the current thread from processing, until the specified interval in seconds "s" or milliseconds "ms" has passed. Reqs:..

FiberOPtics created a Page  -  Jan 04, 2006

Author: FiberOPtics -- Usage: 1) $fileinfo(filepath, properties [,separator])[.raw] Will retrieve information about a file. The possible properties are listed further below. 2) $findfileinfo( initialize, properties [, seperator])[.raw] $findfileinfo() $findfileinfo(quit) Findfileinfo is specifically designed to be used when you want to retrieve properties about files from..

FiberOPtics created a Page  -  Jan 04, 2006

Author: FiberOPtics -- Purpose: Create, modify, or return information about Windows Shortcuts. The shortcuts can be either .lnk or .url files. Usage: This snippet can be used in two ways:

FiberOPtics created a Page  -  Jan 04, 2006
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Author: FiberOPtics -- Usage: $specialfolder(folder) or /specialfolder folder Purpose: Returns the path of a Windows Special Folder. This has the same functionality as nLINKn's specdir function, however with the use of COM instead of with a DLL. Categories: AllUsersAppdata AllUsersDesktop AllUsersFavorites AllUsersPrograms AllUsersStartMenu AllUsersStartup Appdata Comspec Cookies Desktop Favorites Fonts History Internetcache LocalAppdata MyDocuments MyPictures Nethood Printhood ProgramFiles Programs Recent Sendto StartMenu Startup System Templates Userprofile Windir Requirements: 17..

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FiberOPtics created a Page  -  Jan 04, 2006
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Author: FiberOPtics - Usage: $comma() Example: $comma(10000000) returns 10,000,000 The code will work correctly with negative numbers, and numbers with a decimal part.If the input is not a valid number, then the input is returned in the same state. Reqs: mIRC 5.91 Install: In mIRC: alt+r -> tab "Remote" -> paste code there Notes: This snippet uses $regsub instead of..

FiberOPtics created a Page  -  Jan 04, 2006

Author: FiberOPtics -- Usage: $foldersize(folderpath [, bkmgt3])[.suf] Purpose: Returns the size of a folder or drive, including subfolders. Since the snippet uses COM, it is much faster than the $findfile equivalents out there, especially on huge folders with several hundreds of mega/gigabytes. You can specify a second parameter b,k,m,g,t or 3, which are the parameters..

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