Oct 23, 2005
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Code Snippets

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Apr 15, 2006

Put in remotes. When you type, for instance, "lol" it comes out, "Laughing Out Loud" with colors and designs

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Feb 01, 2006

Whoo! I finally made my raws. Well some of them, my first time.

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Feb 01, 2006

simple away system. Type /dialog -m awaysys awaysys to open.

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Feb 01, 2006

Mass modes.. Put these into your alias.

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Dec 17, 2005

Alt+R -> Copy and Paste. Just some popups I made in a few minutes. Sort of got the idea of making popups by Sasuke.

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Dec 15, 2005

Just some operator commands and some using chanserv. Dialoged. Pretty simple to use, any questions or comments, you can find me in irc.animelab.com:6667 @ #truth_or_dare

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Dec 14, 2005

Here are some language popups.. So you can say things like "Good-night, Good-morning. Hi. How are you. So-long. Good-afternoon".

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Dec 01, 2005

Place this into your remotes, right click on your nicklist popups and if someone is breaking one of those rules it will kick them from the channel. For example- [8:12] *** sobe was kicked from #Revenge by `Kazuma (No Begging For Ops In #Revenge Please.) 812 .

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Nov 29, 2005

Put into your remotes. When someone types !seen it will reply to them when they last saw .

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Nov 27, 2005

Whee, I'm back now. >.<' So here's the Mp3 Player I made. It doesn't show up in a big dialog and show the songs, but when you set your directory and hit "Play" it goes to where you set it and you can choose. I'm just horrible with dialogs. Anyway, hope you all enjoy. ^.^;

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Nov 09, 2005

Just type /listops in the channel you're in and it will echo the ops in it.

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Nov 05, 2005

Just go to one of the popup menus and hit "Away" to go away, and "Back" to come back.

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Nov 03, 2005

Some quotes, to go along. Go to http://www.ybrain.com to get some more. :) Edited with some more.

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Nov 03, 2005

This is something so that when someone does a /whois on you, it'll notice them saying you know they did it.

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Nov 03, 2005

Just type /whois $nick

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Oct 26, 2005

Just a simple Mp3. I'll be making it with a Dialog later on.

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Oct 26, 2005
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Useless, but I made because it would save alittle time rather than having to type in the website or open Internet Explorer if you haven't. Just alittle one, But I'll be adding alot of stuff in the future.

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Oct 24, 2005

When someone types !Future, They will get a little surprise. :)

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Oct 24, 2005

Just a small text command, so whenever someone talks it should look like: (11:23.05) (`Kazuma) Hey there. :D (11:23.10) <&Jester> ThAnK yA FoR tHe +a Updates are going to be made for, The other users brackets. Join, part, quit, Ctcp, and a bunch more. Put this in your Remotes section. For any questions or comments you can find me on server Irc.AnimeLab.Com (6667) @ #Scryed ;)

`Kazuma created a Page  -  Oct 23, 2005

Just a simple on :CONNECT: command. Copy and paste in Remotes. (Alt+R) UPDATED: Now with on :STARTUP: { command :)

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