Oct 23, 2005

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jus22 created a Page  -  Apr 02, 2006

This script will send you feedback from your listeners. just paste it in your bot's remotes. in line 6 you will need to put your nick where it says (YOUR NICK HERE)so your bot can send the feedback via memoserv to your nickname.

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jus22 commented on a Page, Form Sender for your bot  -  Jan 23, 2006

Hope you don\'t criticize my scripting this time, but you could give a few pointers so i can improve.

jus22 created a Page  -  Jan 23, 2006

This script is for people who have some knowledge of IRC scripting, this script is fully customizable.

jus22 created a Page  -  Nov 14, 2005

You just paste the code in your remotes. you can edit if you wish...

jus22 commented on a Page, Bot Away Script  -  Oct 28, 2005

ok...........im only 13 and i just started scripting, give me a break!

jus22 commented on a Page, Welcome Script for Your Bot  -  Oct 23, 2005

Just put in what u think here

jus22 created a Page  -  Oct 23, 2005

Welcomes your visitors automatically and displays the date and the time they join your channel and also notify's your users and your whole channel who joins (CAUTION: do not use in registered CC channels or you will be banned)Just past in your remotes

jus22 created a Page  -  Oct 23, 2005

This is a very simple away script for your bot, if you use it in the remotes for your username and not you bot, you will not be able to use it, only other ppl will. Just paste this script in your remotes (alt+r) and click 'ok' ( includes an away and back from away script) You have to paste two different parts as two different files so be careful when loading this script! :) when it says paste in remotes..

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