Aug 19, 2005

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MNM commented on a Page, Home function for your bot  -  Nov 14, 2005

Well this snippet can be pretty useful for newer mIRC scripters(could be used to learn basic on text things, or as a model) Once they master this basic step they can start praying to the holy /help :).

MNM created a Page  -  Nov 13, 2005

Just a simple snippet that will echo someones ctcp reply in a channel for version, ping etc. !ctcp [nick] [type]

MNM commented on a Page, Beta-Bot  -  Aug 21, 2005

the on *connect:{ ignore -u50 } is too prevent flooding on connect, from on join notices in many channels( since it notices the owner whatever it gets noticed with. And i did get alot of help from Duladian as i put in my snippet, well next ill give you guys something of more quality, sry :).

MNM created a Page  -  Aug 20, 2005

This is my very first script( i started about 2 weeks ago), if you have any suggestions/bugs PLEASE post them up so i can get better at scripting. First set yourself with at least 500 access ( different connection/client). Then type trigger to set the up the trigger. Then just mess around with the commands.

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