Jul 07, 2005
Asst. Manager

mIRC Code Snippets

DeathRyder082 created a Page  -  Aug 06, 2005

Ok, this is the newer version from -|SimpleBot-v2.3|-. I added a Swear Protection feature, and would like to thank Vortex for the idea. Also added the on text commands to check and see if the bot was op on the channel. I also merged the Warn/Kick/Ban's into one so there wouldn't be so much extra crap, instead it will Kick/Ban the user. Also made where the on unban and ban would message the owner of..

DeathRyder082 created a Page  -  Aug 01, 2005

As you can now tell I like popups. Anyways I'm not admin on the servers I go to so I wasn't able to test the Admin Controls. But other than that it seems to work fine. Please leave feedback or anything that you think I should add or change.

DeathRyder082 created a Page  -  Jul 30, 2005

Based on what I used in -|SimpleBot-v2.3|-. Used through the Nicklist. I guess It could be automatic an all. Anyways Please leave feedback.

DeathRyder082 created a Page  -  Jul 30, 2005

Name explains all, jokes based on the jokes I posted in the jokes and humor section. I suppose I could have used .txt files. Anyways please leave feeback.

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